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How to profit big from exhibition stands, in 5 simple steps

This 3-minute read will tell you how to make loads of money from doing an Expo, with minimal cash outlay. We’ve all seen exhibition stands manned by a forlorn, lonesome sales exec just wishing the day away. Of course, that’s just a criminal waste of time and resources. But it doesn’t have to be that way – if you go with a plan, taking an Expo stand is a huge opportunity. Step 1: Pick the right exhibition Many of you will just want to meet buyers and make sales A.S.A.P; there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re looking to grow your business, at some point you’ll need to step up and exhibit alongside the big boys, at bigger Expos. That’s how you come to be considered a true challenger brand – but you may not be ready for that.

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How to give good energy and be remembered as a force for good

Energy is everything. I’m not talking about how work much you can do before you’re falling down knackered… I’m talking about energy the way Aristotle described it: “The energy of the mind is the essence of life,” he said. I couldn’t agree more. We’ve all worked alongside low-energy characters, the sluggish and despondent types. Bringing a good healthy dose of Aristotelian energy to the table lifts the mood of people around you, marking you out as an attractive person to do business with – guaranteed. Fortunately, it’s something you can practice: here are three easy-to-master tips to help you bring effervescence and sparkle to your professional relationships. Step 1: Be a high energy listener: keep ‘em peeled Be a relentless listener. If you are going to give out high energy, you need to absorb information like a sponge. Make a

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5 sales pro hacks to get fear to push your business forwards, not block your way

In this 3-minute read, I’ll explain how a few little tweaks can make fear your best friend. By owning your fears, they will drive your business forward, not under. Whether you are a small business leader, entrepreneur or sales pro, we all get scared sometimes. All of us have days where we’d rather pull the duvet over our heads and hide. It affects each and every one of us: negativity is like gravity. A powerful force with one aim: to hold you down. But with dedication, it can be overcome, I promise you. Look your doubts in the eye and do the exact opposite Self-doubt is one of the biggest de-motivators around. Deep down inside, most people are more likely to feel de-motivated than they are motivated. You might feel that because you started your own business, you are one

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Want to make things better this year? Talk to yourself!

If you commit to making small changes to your business in 2016, you can get big results without working your fingers to the bone. Take 3 mins out to find out how! Most entrepreneurs never switch off. So, if you start thinking about work over the Christmas break, don’t let it stress you. Get your mind in order, think positive and ask yourself, honestly: how could I make things better? Some people might say that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness – but I reckon it’s the first sign of someone really getting their sh1t together! Step 1: Find the right moment Find a nice quiet moment, whether it’s at your office, home or in some secluded snow-sprinkled woods. You need to give yourself the mental breathing space to think. We’re looking for a moment of clarity

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Death of the authentic contest sends terrible message to business leaders of the future

Win at all costs and nothing else counts isn’t the way to run a business - unless that business is sport, it would seem. So much cash is poured into sports these days, be it through commercial interests or gambling, that it’s making the top-level participants a little crazy. Everywhere you look there’s cheating. “Cheats never prosper,” we teach our children. That’s all well and good, until they notice footballers diving, tennis players taking bungs and athletes injecting themselves with go-faster drugs… Where does that leave us parents? It doesn’t half water down our oft-repeated message “taking part is what counts.” Roger Pielke, a University of Colorado professor and sports governance expert put on Twitter:  “Does tennis match-fixing matter to anyone other than people who bet on tennis and companies that take bets on tennis?” Yes, it does. It also

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Inflexible fuel tax rules are a missed opportunity for small businesses to thrive

After years of happily operating in a tight knit, thick-as-thieves price fixing cartel, the OPEC countries have flooded the market with cheap fuel. You’d think this would be a reason to be cheerful for most of us. Cheaper to run your car, old folks can actually afford to heat their homes, cheaper seats on airlines…sounds great doesn’t it? Especially for small businesses, where transport and logistics makes up a sizable chunk of annual spend. But as long as fuel is taxed per litre, not per the cash value of a litre, consumers will never reap the benefits of these bizarre market conditions. Which is a crying shame, because if the benefit was passed on, the low cost of fuel could act like a tidy little tax break for small businesses and get the economy trucking along nicely. Brent crude, which

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5 things will happen when you take a proactive view on business spending

Do you want to run your business on the front foot, taking the game to the opposition? Or are you happy bumbling along, worrying about money and the competition getting ahead? 99% of small business owners hate spending money - and this attitude is holding them back. We’ve all heard of ‘speculate to accumulate’ but how many small business owners live by this golden rule? Not many. Most are more focused on keeping a tight clutch on the purse strings - and as a result, are missing out on winning the big, lucrative deals. These five things will happen when you commit to spending wisely, not just cheaply. 1.You’ll spend less time ‘putting out fires’ When you do things on the cheap, you’ll lose more in the long run. If you pay rubbish wages, your best staff always have one

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John Lewis’ Old Man on the Moon misses the point of Christmas

I’m all for using emotion to make the sale - anyone who’s ever been coached by me knows that. But you can’t fake it: it has to be real. And this rule counts double at Christmas! Like it always does these days, Christmas has been in full swing since September - as far as the TV is concerned anyway. Many people believe that the annual dusting off of Coca Colas ‘iconic’ Christmas lorry ad heralds the start of the Christmas season proper. This is the sort of attitude that makes the John Lewis advert one of the most anticipated events in the run up to the big day - and the whole of Britain goes wild for a two minute advert for a shop, one the vast majority of us won’t be spending any of our hard earned cash in.

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A sensible, pragmatic view on climate change

My thoughts go out to all those people in Cumbria, where 5000 homes and businesses have been devastated by freak floods. Three months’ worth of rain in one day just isn’t right. In the same week in Beijing, smog has been so intense that they’ve closed schools and factories. It’s the first ever “Red Alert” under their four-tiered warning system and it just goes to show, even though treaties have been signed to limit pollution, they are not doing much good so far. I can’t help but think the two incidents go hand in hand. Global warming is a big worry, just as acid rain was - and the hole in the ozone layer prior to that. Before these issues came to light, in the 70s, scientists were worried about global cooling. At the time, the consensus was that global

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EVENT Franchise Show, Birmingham NEC, 19 and 20th February. This month, if you want to meet me, I’ll be at the Franchise show at the NEC. There are about 900 different types of franchise in the UK today - a mind-boggling world of opportunity. Many of them can prove extremely lucrative, if you know what you are doing. This event is the best place to get the real stories behind franchising, from people who’ve been there and done well for themselves… see you there! New Start Scotland, Glasgow, 12th, 13th November Glasgow Come and see me in Glasgow this week! New Start Scotland is a huge business entrepreneur show at the SECC. Tickets are free, and there are keynote speakers from Google, Kwikfit, LinkedIn, Clydesdale Bank and Shopkeep. As well as keynotes there are over 100 workshops and 1-to-1 advice

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