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Serious Players Programme

Everybody says they want to grow their business and have more money in the bank. But not all of us seem to mean it! Are you one of those people? Do you have the desire to roll your sleeves up and take action?

As the name suggests this is a programme for those who want to step it up a level. Many people feel that after years of struggle and frustration…after not quite making it but staying alive paying all of the bills and living off the business but not getting what you really want…then its time to get serious. The Serious Players programme is an exclusive group where, if accepted, you will benefit from personal coaching with Ben amongst a tailored and deliberately selected group of fellow entrepreneurs. You benefit from direct inspiration and access to Ben working on your business whilst also enjoying the huge benefit of a ‘mastermind’ group of fellow Serious Players. Powerful stuff!

If you are fed up with just about surviving and lurching from one crisis to the next then maybe its time for you to get serious. Apply now and see if there are places available.

A coach-entrepreneur ‘partnership’ unique to your needs and tailored to your business.

I bring my expertise in marketing, negotiation and business process design, along with extremely valuable connections and introductions. You bring your ambition, knowledge and connections – we put the two together and watch your order book fill up.

I know that you are already busy! I know you are working hard. I appreciate that whilst you have ambition you don’t have a load of spare time. I know that you are pretty smart and connected….but, as with all of us, you accept that sometimes outside intelligence adds to the mix. Of course, you could get that from peers or course lecturers, but wouldn’t you like someone a little more hands-on with their help?

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If you want to follow through on your ambition and make a big difference to your bottom line. Those of us who want to shuffle sideways and make excuses need not apply

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An insight into the serious player program

The Serious Players programme deliberately engineers growth by adding outside intelligence, resources and connections. We will meet up, sharing and learn from each other, side by side – and I’ll be on call to support you during those unscripted moments in a busy business when ‘s**t happens’!

The Serious Players programme is a longer-term shared risk plan where I walk your walk with you and together we develop your business so that you see and feel a significant improvement.

We focus on Sales and Marketing and Business Systems and Process Management and we look at all areas of your business to find a series of ‘tweaks’ that add up to a compound significant improvement.

There’s no quick fix or ‘silver bullet’ type promises. Steering a business through a growth spurt is hard work: it’s challenging and sometimes won’t go according to the ideal plan…that’s where my creativity and sense of fun come in – I’ll keep you smiling and motivated when the going gets tough.

No! I have the battle scars! I know your stresses and pressures and I am proud of my ability to be hugely creative, relentlessly energetic as well as unfailingly practical.

So, if that is the type of arrangement that you want…and if you are genuinely wanting to grow your sales and profits this year…and if you are open to working with others and accept that just maybe you don’t know it all and sharing can help…

Well if that’s you then let’s connect for a coffee!

Let’s talk!

We will meet and talk through every aspect of your business – and you’ll learn about me and my ideas – before we agree whether or not we can work together.We need to be open with each other to make it work.

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