Ditch that stiff upper lip and feel your way to more sales

Successful selling is like blagging a discount at a Spanish greengrocer’s: you need to speak their lingo. If you pick the wrong words - or a whole other language - you’ll be understood by the brain, but not felt by the heart…and if a deal doesn’t feel right, it’s not happening. If you think a sale is the exchange of money for products and services, think again. A sale is the transfer of emotion, thereby, making someone feel the way you do. So how can you make a deal feel right? First of all it has to sound right. One of my little icebreakers when speaking at conferences is to ask people to scribble down as many different words for emotions as they can. How many could you get? Most people get around five or six. That’s a poor return,

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Who’s George Osborne Trying to Kid?

George Osborne says he isn’t interested in what’s easy, only what’s right. But who in their right mind would sell off an asset for 13bn less than they paid for it? As he never tires of telling us, it was Labour who bought into Royal Bank of Scotland, paying £45bn to bail out what was then the biggest banking group in the world. But it’s the Tories who propose selling it for £32bn…it’s lucky for George Osborne that he’s got a steady job in politics, because he stinks as a wheeler-dealer. £13bn is enough money to build a Hadron Collider and a Hubble Telescope - with half a billion change to buy a Champions League football club. It’s also roughly the amount of austerity savings proposed in 2015. That 13bn could protect public services for vulnerable people. So why not

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New Year Plans? – What is missing??

Looking ahead to the New Year and wanting more from your business? Where is YOUR solution? In this first week back I have been involved in several discussions relating to the plans for business in this coming year…and its good to hear that so many business owners are so up-beat …. BUT my thoughts are that despite all of the best laid plans, something is missing. What? Well, please forgive my ‘direct approach’ but too many business owners are looking ‘outside’ for answers. Looking to start new ‘diversifications’ to tap into an income stream…looking to start new marketing initiatives and bring in more new clients…looking to hire new staff to delegate that acquisition process and grow that way…and I totally agree that these plans might well be necessary – but I never hear anyone talk about what they are doing

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Is ‘Good enough’, good enough?

Is ‘good enough’ good enough?   You often here the words…”it’s good enough” used in a business context…and yet I ask is that really the way we should serve our clients in business? By delivering ‘good enough’?   A couple of days ago I was in a conversation with a client explaining how she had delivered her service to her client. Whilst conversing, the remark was made about  my client going too far…sort of over-delivering and it not being necessary. Her colleague had said ‘you don’t need to worry about doing those extra bits because it is good enough”   My client however felt that she hadn’t delivered all that she intended or indeed that her efforts hadn’t delivered for her client all that was expected, and disagreed.   My client said that she operates from a different perspective…just because

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“I haven’t got around to it yet!”

“I haven’t got around to it yet!”   Do you ever hear that? Do you find yourself saying that??   In my role as a coach, forever lovingly pushing clients along a path towards a goal, I hear  that type of a sentence almost every week!!   Business owners feeling burdened by the constant stream of tasks that are on their ‘To Do’ lists and then saying yes to even more tasks because they feel they have to or couldn’t say no.. …and the end result is “I haven’t got around to it yet”.   Maybe you can relate to that?   Modern Life Is Too Busy!   Is this a modern life issue? Is that just the way things are?  or is there anything we can do about it? How do we improve on this ‘burdensome’ situation?   Well,

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Show Don’t Tell – Are You Showing What You’re Saying?

Picture this…you are at a networking meeting or at a business exhibition and someone stands to speak as is expected…and what they are in fact doing is a mini ‘showcase’ and a ‘pitch’ so that they hope to encourage you to enquire as to using their services. For the purposes of illustration, they are a business that does Presentation Skills and they will tell you that they help business owners get their message across in a sophisticated and effective manner… BUT when they in fact stand you as a member of the audience see that the ‘slides’ are ‘text heavy’ as they have so many points that they wish to put across. You see that they suggest that they can help a business in manufacturing but show nothing to align the slide content to the object or target business. You

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Business Owner Running His Business ‘Blind’!!

This last week I have been out ‘in the field’ and I spoke with a business owner about how things were in business and it was a very interesting conversation.   Do you know your business numbers?   Honestly? Can you put a finger on a button and know how you are doing?   Like how many ‘active’ clients do you have? How many quotes do you have in your ‘pipeline’? and what is their value? And what do you expect to win? And so what level of new business do you hope to bring in in this next quarter?     I know, I know…I ask a lot of questions!!!   But you see, without accurate information you are very much in the dark.   If you want any sort of success in business then you have to know where

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Let's face it we all have heard that and paid lip service to the idea....but do we, in fact, heed the advice?   Recently I personally had a blunt reminder of how maybe I too could follow this lead. I had a situation where my car basically could have used a service...but it never actually felt urgent and it kept running and it didn't seem to need anything as I did at least check the oil to make sure I didn't run it dry!   However one morning in the frost it refused to start. I couldn't figure out why it had broken as it had been running well...I mean genuinely running along on the surface as I had expected it to. So why wouldn't it start one frosty morning?   In trying to start it the battery went flat

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Love IS All You Need

  The Beatles sang "Love is all you need" .... And we sing along but never really let the message sink in.   Love IS all that you need - but not just being in Love and experiencing that 'high'...not just having one person's affections and focus in mind...not just Love in a relationship but not in the rest of life.   Love IS all that you need - if it truly becomes your focus in all that you do.   Imagine this: you are in business and you are by a twist of circumstance doing business with a close family member. Being completely honest, would you carry on possibly as you always do where you focus purely in your agenda and outcomes...or would you maybe think a little more carefully as to whether it really was in their best

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Love In Business

What do I mean by Love In Business? Indeed how can business be involving love? and who on earth is going to talk about love when we have business to do?!! Well, firstly allow me to clarify. When I mention Love in Business I do NOT mean talking about love or indeed I am not referring to love as with one's partner or relationship at home!!! I am, though, advocating that when one understands the meaning of the word and its 'bigger picture' application, then love really can, and in my opinion should, be a part of every business operation. Love...as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is..."a strong feeling of affection:" ...or "a great interest and pleasure in something". Love therefore is when you can have true feelings for another and it describes a correct use of the word as

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