Don’t do it alone

I cannot tell you how much this piece of advice has helped me over the years. Running a small and growing business is a huge challenge. We have people issues, legislation issues, timing and supplier and customer issues…and there is simply no way we can be good in all areas. We hire people – but they need direction and look to us for stimulation and support…and still it comes down to the leader of the business to be equipped to cope. Thus I will tell you best advice is to get a coach or a mentor or someone to help you but do not attempt this massive task alone! A business coach is very much like a personal trainer, when you select the right one for you they push you, they challenge you and they motivate you…but they also bring

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Grown-ups are overrated nowadays

A recent study at the University of California examined concentration in the workplace. They found that adults’ attention span is on a rapid, worrying decline. In 2004, it was 3 minutes. In 2012, 1 minute 15 seconds. By 2014, 59.4 seconds. This means the average office worker can maintain pure focus for less than a minute - and if the trend trucks on at the same rate, the average concentration span will hit absolute zero within five years. That’s a really scary thought. But also a huge opportunity, if you can beat the curve. That’s where your inner child comes in. The average 5-6 year old can attend to an interesting task for 15 minutes. By 7-8 attention span rises to half an hour, with the ability to shake off minor distractions without a problem. If you could concentrate like

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What Matters?

As I start the day today I wake and see beside my bed a lovely site - '" Love You Daddy"  says a card my young son Luke made at school and beside that a 'card' with a Lego 'Hero' sticker on it that inside also says 'Dad I love you' ...he made out of paper for me last weekend when we'd all had a truly fabulous playful boys weekend! On my wall on the other side of my bed beside the lite switch is a picture drawn by my older son Zac of 'Daddy on his motorbike' where he's added "to the best Dad in the world xx" I go downstairs for that all important first cup of tea and on the wall at the bottom of the stairs are two pictures of my beautiful beautiful daughter as a

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Business Coaching And Nanny McPhee

“When You Need Me But Don’t Want Me, I Must Stay,  When You Want Me But Don’t Need Me I Must Go” so said Nanny McPhee. And when I heard that it struck me how similar the role of Business Coach is! All too often in the first instance the need isn’t seen by the client and so they don’t want you... until you get stuck-in and implement some changes that have quite dramatic effect on the business. Then the situation of wanting but not needing happily takes shape. Whilst it is always nice on the ego to be ‘needed’ in truth the role of a true business coach, in my humble opinion, is to become redundant. The goal always has to be teach them to think and grow and stand alone... very similar to a parenting or nannying in the Nanny Mc Phee context. And so today,  I

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