5 things will happen when you take a proactive view on business spending

Do you want to run your business on the front foot, taking the game to the opposition? Or are you happy bumbling along, worrying about money and the competition getting ahead? 99% of small business owners hate spending money - and this attitude is holding them back. We’ve all heard of ‘speculate to accumulate’ but how many small business owners live by this golden rule? Not many. Most are more focused on keeping a tight clutch on the purse strings - and as a result, are missing out on winning the big, lucrative deals. These five things will happen when you commit to spending wisely, not just cheaply. 1.You’ll spend less time ‘putting out fires’ When you do things on the cheap, you’ll lose more in the long run. If you pay rubbish wages, your best staff always have one

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John Lewis’ Old Man on the Moon misses the point of Christmas

I’m all for using emotion to make the sale - anyone who’s ever been coached by me knows that. But you can’t fake it: it has to be real. And this rule counts double at Christmas! Like it always does these days, Christmas has been in full swing since September - as far as the TV is concerned anyway. Many people believe that the annual dusting off of Coca Colas ‘iconic’ Christmas lorry ad heralds the start of the Christmas season proper. This is the sort of attitude that makes the John Lewis advert one of the most anticipated events in the run up to the big day - and the whole of Britain goes wild for a two minute advert for a shop, one the vast majority of us won’t be spending any of our hard earned cash in.

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A sensible, pragmatic view on climate change

My thoughts go out to all those people in Cumbria, where 5000 homes and businesses have been devastated by freak floods. Three months’ worth of rain in one day just isn’t right. In the same week in Beijing, smog has been so intense that they’ve closed schools and factories. It’s the first ever “Red Alert” under their four-tiered warning system and it just goes to show, even though treaties have been signed to limit pollution, they are not doing much good so far. I can’t help but think the two incidents go hand in hand. Global warming is a big worry, just as acid rain was - and the hole in the ozone layer prior to that. Before these issues came to light, in the 70s, scientists were worried about global cooling. At the time, the consensus was that global

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EVENT Franchise Show, Birmingham NEC, 19 and 20th February. This month, if you want to meet me, I’ll be at the Franchise show at the NEC. There are about 900 different types of franchise in the UK today - a mind-boggling world of opportunity. Many of them can prove extremely lucrative, if you know what you are doing. This event is the best place to get the real stories behind franchising, from people who’ve been there and done well for themselves… see you there! New Start Scotland, Glasgow, 12th, 13th November Glasgow Come and see me in Glasgow this week! New Start Scotland is a huge business entrepreneur show at the SECC. Tickets are free, and there are keynote speakers from Google, Kwikfit, LinkedIn, Clydesdale Bank and Shopkeep. As well as keynotes there are over 100 workshops and 1-to-1 advice

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There’s nothing super about supermarkets. They’re evil, wasteful b@st@rds.

You know how I like to decry bad, amoral business practice? Well, I nearly properly cried watching Hugh’s War on Waste on the BBC. I’m talking frustrated, angry tears. Yet another big business scandal, but this one isn’t lying or cheating their way to sales. This one is about starving people to death. We live in a world where there isn’t enough food to go round. But - and this is the sickening part - it’s very possible might be enough food for everyone, if it weren’t for ignorance and disgusting arbitrary rules that force the premature disposal of more than a billion tonnes of food a year. Can you even imagine what a billion tonnes of food looks like? Imagine a normal household skip, not the biggest, just the common or garden three-yard one. Picture it. A standard yellow

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Small business leaders: How would you fare on the managerial merry go round?

Managers are judged on their results or they get sacked. How’s your small business performing? Would you be in line to be fired? What’s that…You’re indispensible? At the start of every football season, there’s always the question hanging over the Premier League - who will be the first manager to be sacked? In fact, according to the League Managers Association, managerial sackings are more commonplace than any time in the last thirteen years. Now I’m not thinking for one second that you’ll come into work one morning to a barrage of customers, chanting abuse and waving homemade placards: SACK THE BOSS. But in theory, do you deserve it? Football managers are judged on results - and in the most brutal terms. Eight games in, you haven’t enough points on the board - you’re out. No matter how much money you

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For all you small business leaders who want to get out of the office and feel a little inspiration and empathy, I have two FREE Business Booster Masterclasses coming up. I’ll be presenting and leading discussions: we’ll be analysing some common business problems, in supportive company! Of course, you don’t have to come, but if you keep doing things the way you always do. you’ll never get better results! Tuesday 20th October: Apollo Hotel, Basingstoke, Hampshire. 9am till 12pm. Wednesday November 18th. St Annes Manor, Bracknell, Berkshire. 9am till 12pm.  

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Five essential time-management tips to ease the pressure of being self-employed

You don't need a coach to tell you that time management is make or break factor for entrepreneurs running their own business.... Here's five amazing 'hacks' that'll help you do a superhuman amount of work - and go home on time. You need to squeeze as much into each day as possible, without running yourself into the ground by burning the candle at both ends. If you want to work hard and have plenty of time for your family and friends, you need to master your own destiny when it comes to superfluous time consumption. Stop telling yourself you are self-employed: Be your own boss. When you a little kid, your mum or dad or whoever looked after you will have made sure there were rules and boundaries. At school, the teachers imposed rules and boundaries. When you finally got

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Sketchy ethics are a non-starter for SMEs. Here’s why…

I’m all for small businesses taking risks to grow, but you should never take ethical risks. Just up to a few months ago, I would have said that Volkswagen were one of the more trustworthy brands around. They’d got a great track record for making quality products, decent customer service – even a dedicated fan club. Now, though, they’re as tarnished as the perennially corrupt financial services industry, which on its own provides one third of the column inches on the subject of business ethics (and of course, it’s never praise for inscrutable honesty and mindfulness of their fellow man). What have Volkswagen and the financial services industry got in common? You guessed it…deep pockets. In the face of an ethical drama, the big boys lawyer up, try to limit the damage – then pay the fines and the compensation

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Clarity by Jamie Smart

This excellent book is all about emptying your mind of noise, in order to properly focus on what’s most important at any particular time. Everything we do is a reflection of how we think - mixed results are the result of mixed up thinking. Not enough people dedicate any deep thought to their cognitive processes; for most people, thinking just happens. But when your business is a reflection of how your mind works, it pays to know why your mind clutters, and how to clear it. When you know that, you can have focus on-demand. An awesome book, get into it!

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