Stop Hunting – Start Sharing… Collaboration Is The Key.

Making 'Business Networking' successful. “I cannot meet with you today as I am so busy…” he said but then when the phone went down he told me that he didn’t really know the person who just called…that they’d met at an event and exchanged cards etc …but he didn’t see it as a immediate client and so chose to plough on through his ‘admin and organisational’ work instead of meeting up.   My question to him was – “When DO you decide to have a meeting then?”   “Well obviously if they want something and I can make immediate business then I will meet up” he replied. “Do you find that people usually just immediately buy when you have only just met then?” I asked “No…” he said slowly “But I haven’t got time to meet just for a chat

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Who wants to talk to a robot?

Labour saving devices. Pah. What happened to a labour of love? First off, I have to say I’m no Luddite: I adore technology. But not all technology represents progress. It makes me sick how keen companies are to rip the humanity out of their customer service. So much so, their damn robot henchmen are now programmed to answer back. And if I sign up to one of these wonderful membership organisations and I think I am going to get something helpful for my few quid each month, then surely I should expect to speak to a real person now and then?! Maybe a real person calls me to say thank you for my money? Maybe a real person is there when I just want to call and ask a question because somewhere in the techno babble I missed which button

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I thought highwaymen were extinct – until my bike insurance claim

I loved my motorbike; the taste of freedom it gave me, the thrill of riding around some country lanes on a Sunday…then some bastard nicked it. Gutted. And if you will forgive me the f@@@ing insurance company has spent the last six months trying to wriggle out of paying it. It was taken from my locked garage and I’ve spent half a year chasing, box-ticking and pleading with the slippery buggers as they duck and dive, introducing new hoops for me to jump through whenever they feel like. Beware MCE Insurance if you ever have a bike that you need insuring. Honestly, I feel like I’ve had my bike nicked twice.

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To grow your business, sell the sizzle, not the sausage

If you’ve ever not fancied a bacon sandwich and bought one anyway, you’re well on the road to understanding a sure fire route to growing your business. By appreciating the perspective of the buyer and re-learning to think like they do, you can attract legions of new customers. It shouldn’t be hard. We all buy stuff. We’re all buyers. But it’s too easy to get caught up in thinking in a propriety way where you can’t see the wood for the trees. You’re not thinking straight. You’re too close to the action. Step back. For example: you are walking down the street with a friend or colleague. It’s just before 9am in the morning on a lovely sunshiny day. You’re hungry, so you decide you need something to eat. You ask your friend if they want something, they say: “no

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7 free (ish) CRM systems to help keep your business at the forefront of customers’ minds

A lot of small businesses I coach weren’t using CRM software...until I told them the only way to grow your business is by getting to grips with CRM. CRM is the only way to operate, unless you want to end up chasing your tail the whole time.Having your sales leads and customer data sorted into one shared profile that all your team can update is essential to reducing long term stress. With the help of Capterra and g2crowd, two software review sites, and the Google App marketplace, I’ve made a short list of CRM systems are useful for small businesses. They are all free, or nearly free. They’re all web based too, so take very little setting up. You can automate communications and create a process for keeping in touch. It might take a little learning curve of setting it

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Business Card Madness!

Aaargh!! I just cant believe it!   I’ve been networking and speaking a lot recently and it has blown me away how many incredibly poor business cards people are out there ‘doing business’ with!!   Firstly I feel it is important to note that I am a HUGE advocate of enterprise and entrepreneurship and want all people to ‘do something positive’ instead of sitting back complaining…so I applaud enterprise…but why oh why are so many printers for example printing business cards that really do not help the business proprietor???   Ok, the printer is doing as instructed…but couldn’t they guide? Indeed couldn’t they be educated??   Firstly I have had literally a bundle of cards where the printed font is tiny! I mean tiny! It might be a 6 or something!! I still have fairly good eyesight…not yet at the

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Take 2 Capsules & Lose Weight Instantly!!!

What a load of Bollocks!! "Instant money Machine - Just Click And Earn"!!!! Yep you guessed it, more of the same shite! So...why do people send this sort of mail and marketing message out there? Basically because the saddest truth is that some people actually take a punt and buy! Yes, I know!! How mad a they?! The fact is though that in today's mad crazy too fast economy everyone is searching for something ...and not prepared or feel that they cannot put any tie and effort into getting it so they want a 'quick fix' and a 'instant solution'. The is no such thing. Quick fix either never works or works so fleetingly but never lasts. Instant just isn't instant. Too often sadly though it is the misleading articles and sales letters that are the issue. I mean, if

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Maximising Returns From Networking

  I'm sitting at a breakfast networking eating just the other day and I am staggered at the lack of style and performance and basic 'appeal' at almost all of the 60 second type slots!!! Just what a they doing?!! Ok, let's cut to the chase...have you ever been to a business network meeting when people stand up and say what they do? And have you ever sat there and wondered after their 60 seconds exactly what do they do?! AND worse than that, have you ever watched them, understood but still thought "I'd never buy from you!" Why? Why are most of them so bad?!! Well there is a way networking can be a whole lot better...and not by having personality or confidence transplants! No, simply by actually viewing it for its true potential and just putting a little

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The Law of Attraction, Lady Luck and leading a better life #innerflame

Most people have experienced the phenomenon of fulfilled expectations, but they tend to shrug these off as coincidences instead of planned, envisioned events. The Law of Attraction states otherwise: When you think something will happen, and you feel strongly about it, focus upon it, and believe it to be possible, you will bring about its happening. I think this idea is probably where the phrase ‘“Mind over matter’” came from. The Law of Attraction works with simple things, as well as with matters as complicated as achieving your 20-year goals. For example, have you ever thought about someone just before theywhen the phone yourings and it is them? Or have you ever been planning to say opened your mouth to say something to ayour partner and they actually say the same thing to you before you speak before you

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Business Coaching And Nanny McPhee

“When You Need Me But Don’t Want Me, I Must Stay,  When You Want Me But Don’t Need Me I Must Go” so said Nanny McPhee. And when I heard that it struck me how similar the role of Business Coach is! All too often in the first instance the need isn’t seen by the client and so they don’t want you... until you get stuck-in and implement some changes that have quite dramatic effect on the business. Then the situation of wanting but not needing happily takes shape. Whilst it is always nice on the ego to be ‘needed’ in truth the role of a true business coach, in my humble opinion, is to become redundant. The goal always has to be teach them to think and grow and stand alone... very similar to a parenting or nannying in the Nanny Mc Phee context. And so today,  I

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