Who do those French Farmers think they are?

Do these protesting French farmers think they’re helping themselves, scaring the sh1t out of truck drivers, waving their pitchforks around and setting fire to stuff that looks like it might be imported? What are they trying to achieve? It’s certainly no way to promote French exports - and nothing says, ‘Holidaymakers! Welcome to France!’ like a huge heap of burning fish. Now, if Eric Cantona is to be believed, French farmers go swaggering round getting treated like football superstars. Is it this ego trip that causes them to feel they can get away with doing whatever they like, and the world will still buy French machinery, holiday on their Rivera, gorge on their cheese and wine? Attacking truckers is a major ball-dropping by the world’s largest exporter of farm products. They’ve already got an Arab boycott on their hands -

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Who’s George Osborne Trying to Kid?

George Osborne says he isn’t interested in what’s easy, only what’s right. But who in their right mind would sell off an asset for 13bn less than they paid for it? As he never tires of telling us, it was Labour who bought into Royal Bank of Scotland, paying £45bn to bail out what was then the biggest banking group in the world. But it’s the Tories who propose selling it for £32bn…it’s lucky for George Osborne that he’s got a steady job in politics, because he stinks as a wheeler-dealer. £13bn is enough money to build a Hadron Collider and a Hubble Telescope - with half a billion change to buy a Champions League football club. It’s also roughly the amount of austerity savings proposed in 2015. That 13bn could protect public services for vulnerable people. So why not

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Take 2 Capsules & Lose Weight Instantly!!!

What a load of Bollocks!! "Instant money Machine - Just Click And Earn"!!!! Yep you guessed it, more of the same shite! So...why do people send this sort of mail and marketing message out there? Basically because the saddest truth is that some people actually take a punt and buy! Yes, I know!! How mad a they?! The fact is though that in today's mad crazy too fast economy everyone is searching for something ...and not prepared or feel that they cannot put any tie and effort into getting it so they want a 'quick fix' and a 'instant solution'. The is no such thing. Quick fix either never works or works so fleetingly but never lasts. Instant just isn't instant. Too often sadly though it is the misleading articles and sales letters that are the issue. I mean, if

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