Stop Hunting – Start Sharing… Collaboration Is The Key.

Making 'Business Networking' successful. “I cannot meet with you today as I am so busy…” he said but then when the phone went down he told me that he didn’t really know the person who just called…that they’d met at an event and exchanged cards etc …but he didn’t see it as a immediate client and so chose to plough on through his ‘admin and organisational’ work instead of meeting up.   My question to him was – “When DO you decide to have a meeting then?”   “Well obviously if they want something and I can make immediate business then I will meet up” he replied. “Do you find that people usually just immediately buy when you have only just met then?” I asked “No…” he said slowly “But I haven’t got time to meet just for a chat

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What Goes Around….dealing with the struggle in small business

What Goes Around....      or dealing with the struggle in small business!   It was my new neighbour who said it…in conversation this morning about ‘what I do / what he does’ etc   He asked “what do you do then?” I replied “Well I specialise in helping businesses grow…I help them with improving their sales and marketing…so that they can grow by sticking to what they do best…in this case roofing”   “Oh Yes” he said “I really should be better at that side of things!”   And it got me thinking….   Why? Why do so many people think that the answer is to be better in all areas? You see there are a zillion owners of smaller businesses who probably recognise that “I’m not really good at that” but then too often flip to the comment

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Who wants to talk to a robot?

Labour saving devices. Pah. What happened to a labour of love? First off, I have to say I’m no Luddite: I adore technology. But not all technology represents progress. It makes me sick how keen companies are to rip the humanity out of their customer service. So much so, their damn robot henchmen are now programmed to answer back. And if I sign up to one of these wonderful membership organisations and I think I am going to get something helpful for my few quid each month, then surely I should expect to speak to a real person now and then?! Maybe a real person calls me to say thank you for my money? Maybe a real person is there when I just want to call and ask a question because somewhere in the techno babble I missed which button

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To grow your business, sell the sizzle, not the sausage

If you’ve ever not fancied a bacon sandwich and bought one anyway, you’re well on the road to understanding a sure fire route to growing your business. By appreciating the perspective of the buyer and re-learning to think like they do, you can attract legions of new customers. It shouldn’t be hard. We all buy stuff. We’re all buyers. But it’s too easy to get caught up in thinking in a propriety way where you can’t see the wood for the trees. You’re not thinking straight. You’re too close to the action. Step back. For example: you are walking down the street with a friend or colleague. It’s just before 9am in the morning on a lovely sunshiny day. You’re hungry, so you decide you need something to eat. You ask your friend if they want something, they say: “no

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7 free (ish) CRM systems to help keep your business at the forefront of customers’ minds

A lot of small businesses I coach weren’t using CRM software...until I told them the only way to grow your business is by getting to grips with CRM. CRM is the only way to operate, unless you want to end up chasing your tail the whole time.Having your sales leads and customer data sorted into one shared profile that all your team can update is essential to reducing long term stress. With the help of Capterra and g2crowd, two software review sites, and the Google App marketplace, I’ve made a short list of CRM systems are useful for small businesses. They are all free, or nearly free. They’re all web based too, so take very little setting up. You can automate communications and create a process for keeping in touch. It might take a little learning curve of setting it

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Show Don’t Tell – Are You Showing What You’re Saying?

Picture this…you are at a networking meeting or at a business exhibition and someone stands to speak as is expected…and what they are in fact doing is a mini ‘showcase’ and a ‘pitch’ so that they hope to encourage you to enquire as to using their services. For the purposes of illustration, they are a business that does Presentation Skills and they will tell you that they help business owners get their message across in a sophisticated and effective manner… BUT when they in fact stand you as a member of the audience see that the ‘slides’ are ‘text heavy’ as they have so many points that they wish to put across. You see that they suggest that they can help a business in manufacturing but show nothing to align the slide content to the object or target business. You

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Maximising Returns From Networking

  I'm sitting at a breakfast networking eating just the other day and I am staggered at the lack of style and performance and basic 'appeal' at almost all of the 60 second type slots!!! Just what a they doing?!! Ok, let's cut to the chase...have you ever been to a business network meeting when people stand up and say what they do? And have you ever sat there and wondered after their 60 seconds exactly what do they do?! AND worse than that, have you ever watched them, understood but still thought "I'd never buy from you!" Why? Why are most of them so bad?!! Well there is a way networking can be a whole lot better...and not by having personality or confidence transplants! No, simply by actually viewing it for its true potential and just putting a little

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Medium and short term goal setting

In yesterday's extract from Selling for Dummies we looked at Long term goals, in todays post we are looking at medium and short term goals When you finish setting your long-term goals, cut them in half and set medium-range goals for about ten years down the road. Compare your 10-year goals to your 20-year goals, and then determine what you must do to make those goals a reality. Then, divide your 10-year goals into 5-year goals. Your medium-range goals will be your largest and perhaps fuzziest area, the goals you’ll probably have to adjust the most frequently. These goals are the stepping stones and signposts. All sorts of variables will apply, but as ‘all roads lead to Rome’, don’t worry so much about the route, just have several markers along the way to make sure you are still

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Breaking Down Your Goals into Smaller Pieces

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So don’t worry or focus on the whole journey; instead pay attention to a small, easily attainable first step, and then keep taking steps and eventually you’ll reach your end goal. So, when you’re setting goals, always begin with long-term ones and work backward to medium-range and short-term ones. Work backwards to set a small one-step task. This process is also often referred to as ‘chunking it down’. You can deal with bite-size chunks and stay motivated. Long-term goals Long-term goals should be 20-year projections. Granted, if you’re 75, your 20-year goal may be just to plant both feet on the ground each morning. No matter how young or old you are, picturing what you want your life to be like 20 years from today is difficult.

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Setting Realistic and Effective Goals

This is an edited extract from Selling for Dummies, the UK edition When you first considered a career in sales, you probably had some vague notions of success in mind. For many the initial mental picture is one of being a rep with a pretty cushioned lifestyle, swanning around in a suit, driving a fancy car, and not really working just talking to people all day! If only that image were the whole truth. You have broad expectations and ideas; our job is to refine them and make them clear and achievable. You must make your goal or target real. You need to turn vague notions into specific, vivid pictures to keep you on track during difficult patches when you feel like throwing it all in. When you’re setting goals, give yourself the time and privacy you need

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