Success shouldn’t be something you have a half-hearted ‘it would be nice but I’m not that bothered’ attitude towards

This is an edited extract from Selling for Dummies, the UK edition. Over the next few days we'll look at goal setting in more detail. Success shouldn't be something you have a half-hearted ‘it would be nice but I’m not that bothered’ attitude towards. In order to achieve success, you must want it badly enough to push for it. You must focus. Whatever your own goal is, you have to commit to getting it. Do not be fooled into believing some people are lucky; it is a fact that those who achieve the most, burn with a have to not a want to. If you have no concrete goals and you feel that you’ve been succeeding already, just think of how much more success you would enjoy if you set your sights more firmly on specific aims. If

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Business Success Tip 4 – Don’t Compete, Create!

Don’t Compete, Create! In business today we are constantly aware that there is a huge scramble for business rewards. The news and the teachings al tell it must be true...that there is a shortage and that we have to have competitive edge and that its win or lose cos not everyone can win. TOSH! Rubbish! Not true! PoppyCock! Fact: even in depressed markets there is more being spent today than ever in history. Even in times of our supposed ‘shortage’ there is an attitude f spending that still frightens me with regard to credit at least! Shopping car parks are never empty are they??!! So...people are still why the news about shortage? Why the mindset of win because not everyone can win? Why competition? Ok...allow me to clarify where I am coming from...are there others in

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Business Success Tip 3 – Get Better!

Business Success Tips with edge. This is a fluff free business zone. Business Success Tip 3 – Get Better! Ok, so lets face it...if I ask you the question, How good are you at what you do? What might you answer?? Go on good are you? Are you the best? Are you very good? Are you good but then mostly your competitors are too so you’d be average? Mmmm. Here’s the rub... Average leaves me the client feeling miffed cos I wanted great. Average leaves me feeling short changed. Average dies Fact: Businesses die and lose out because they deserve to because they aint that good!!! They were mediocre and ‘just another’ and ‘average’- and today’s business world demands more than average. Now, don’t get me wrong...I fully appreciate that it isn’t a black and white issue...but let’s not

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Business Tips – Tip 2 – Just Do What You Want!

  Look around you. Look inside you. Look at the masses. What do you see? I see thousands of business owners or key employees in a small business that arrive at the place called work every day and feel that it is yet another day at the grindstone! They’re not happy! They’re not enjoying it and they’re not really getting anything for it!! Heck - don’t follow the masses be yourself and don’t just work cos it pays your bills!! Life’s too short...STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE! Question: do you really enjoy your business role? Honestly? NOT the glib answer you give at social functions or networking...not the ‘if I say it often enough then I’ll believe the lie’ answer but the you really want to do what you do? If you had a choice and a blank

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Top Tips For Success In Business – Some people should not be in business.

Top Tips For Success In Business – Part one Top Tips..with a difference! You see, you and I have had reams and reams of paper sent our way offering ‘advice’ and ‘tips’...and much of it is good...but frankly I have seen too much ‘over egging of the pudding’! So, I feel that you like a little straight talk now and then don’t you? Like, ‘tell it how it is’ instead of all of that Political Correct nonsense??!! Like diet advice to lose weight...come less, exercise more! And ok, I am deliberately being a little facetious here because I do sincerely appreciate that maybe adding another line or two could differentiate between certain reasons for weight gain or health conditions relating to exercise etc, but basically even those who recognise that they are heavier than they want to

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Selling through Social Media part 2

Part one -  you can find it here  Selling through Social Media -  go and take a look and then come back and read more. Selling through social media Hello again... Let's chat more shall we? About that Selling With Social Media idea... To recap briefly, selling with Social Media firstly means that you have to apply a totally new line of thinking. A new strategy So Tip Number One - Share what you know and show your superiority!! Get your ‘stuff’ in front of ‘fans’ and then monetise once you’ve created loyalty. Imagine you are a rock band because in fact that’s the marketing model you have to ‘tread the boards’ and ‘do the gigs’... let people hear your music before they ever go out and buy that music... build a fan base though and the next material

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Selling for Business – Knowing what you sell

This post is an extract from Selling for Dummies. I authored the British version and you can grab a copy on Amazon. One of the best advantages of a career in selling is that good selling skills are portable. By that we  mean that after you master the skills, you’ll have the education you need to sell any product that interests you when you complete your product knowledge. Product knowledge is one whole side of the selling triangle I discussed in Chapter 1, which tells you  one-third of what you need to know to be successful. In this chapter, I covers some specific suggestions for ways you can develop your product knowledge and be prepared for nearly any question that comes your way when you’re with potential clients. By investing time in product research upfront, it’ll pay off

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Selling for Business – things to remember pls RT

This is the first of a series of extracts from Selling for Dummies, you can grab a copy on Amazon. Over the next few weeks you can read the excerpts and boost your sales. Remember, I can help you. Go and subscribe to my Business Booster eCourse right now and make a big difference to your business.   It is worth remembering that scarcity is a very strong buying incentive when purchasing as it denotes demand and exclusivity – both important decision influencers. How much of an investment the product would be. Be sure to phrase the price of the product in terms of an investment as opposed to a cost. Also be prepared to reduce the total cost  to a monthly amount if your product is something that requires financing. Many buyers and company decision makers will

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