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Who is Ben Kench

Ben is the UK’s No1 Sales & Business Growth Coach. As author of “Selling For Dummies” he is widely recognised as an authority on Sales and Sales Systems and through his successful programme The Business Booster he has helped thousands of businesses add millions of pounds.

Ben Kench is also a sought after and accomplished professional speaker known for his insights, energy and entertaining presentations.

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How Ben can help

If you are really serious about pushing your business to the very top then bespoke personal coaching is the ultimate solution. Working 1:1 with Ben involves absolute commitment from both parties and this programme sets out a strict code of practice and establishes ‘Guaranteed’ outcomes!

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If you are organising a company event or business function – maybe a Sales Conference or a Business Exhibition or a series of Performance Improvement events then Ben Kench is your ideal partner. Ben will always be totally committed to making your event a success and working with you to ensure content is exactly tailored to your team needs.

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See Ben in action

How does passion impact your sales and business performance? What is your passion and does it show?

Let’s look in at a recent event where Ben shared his thoughts.

If you want ‘more’ from your business than you’re currently getting…how are you going to manage that if you are already
working ‘flat out’?

Here’s a sample of Ben’s ‘Business Booster’ thinking.

Are you a sales professional seeking always a greater level of performance? Do you have a team that you want to motivate and drive forwards?

Here’s a quick look in on one of Ben’s sales seminars.

What people say about Ben

Ben has given fresh inspiration and motivation to myself and has helped my business develop the platform for continued growth through his indepth knowledge of business systems and sales methods; his enthusiasm is contagious, this can only be a huge asset to any business owner whose business needs a boost. I personally endorse Ben and the Business Booster services.

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Ben has a genuine desire to help small businesses improve their performance. His enthusiasm is boundless, as any company that has been through any of Ben’s sessions can testify. The help he has given our company has been invaluable to us and has helped us to grow a successful business! Also he helped me to increase sellings on my fresh website with list of best 20 Australian online casinos

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