Want More Sales? More Profits? Increased sales, improved cash flow, more enjoyment. Period.

If you want to grow your business or increase your sales and revenue I am your man.

I have the 'pedigree' but more importantly I have 'heart'. That means that whilst commerce is important, YOU are much more so. If I can help you I would be honoured to do so. The world has changed but it does not mean there isn't a way to enjoy success. It is possible to blend integrity, ethics, good old fashioned service and still be commercially successful. We do not have to 'cut corners' or use 'clever techniques' or 'hide behind tech'! ...let's adjust and succeed!

The UK’s No1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist

Ben is the UK’s No1 Sales & Business Growth Coach. As author of “Selling For Dummies” he is widely recognised as an authority on Sales and Sales Systems and  he has helped thousands of businesses add literally millions of pounds.

Ben Kench is also a sought-after and accomplished professional speaker known for his insights, energy and entertaining presentations.

Coaching & Mentoring

In your business journey there are many many times when you can feel isolated, stressed and as though nothing you do actually makes a difference!

You’re doing what you can, trying hard and putting in the hours but still, it seems that there isn’t enough cash or profit left and you are no nearer the ‘dream’ that you envisaged.

It doesn’t have to be like this… there is another way.

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Keynote Speaker

It is harder than ever to create and deliver a successful event! Some people have got so used to ‘virtual’ that it’s challenging to get them to be physically present and with so many ‘small and local’ events the choice is bewildering!

How do you get your event to be attractive and worthy of attending? It’s not easy but if you’re planning an event and want a speaker to attract your audience and then deliver a talked-about keynote, just connect.

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I have been blessed to have worked with some amazing clients and I am proud to be able to show a few kind words.

Ben has doubled our AOV in just 3 months. He has helped us to introduce other processes that give us much more visibility on what the business is spending, what the business is making and how we can reach our financial goals. At first I was skeptical, but Ben has restructured the way that we sell and who we sell to, to make sure that we’re making more money as a business. Finally, Ben has helped us achieve our record month in January 2022 which is staggering because the business has been going for nearly 8 years. Thank you for everything, Ben!

James Boyes

I went looking for a Business Coach to learn how run my company as I had expanded more than I had first anticipated and found myself at a loss being an IT geek and not a Business Manager. I recieved a phone call from Ben’s company and met with a consultant for a brief chat, from which I signed up to a course with Ben. I have to say that my expectations were exceeded and my horizons broadened more than I can say. 
Ben provides great training and superb 1st Class mentoring. I cannot recommend his services enough. 
All I can say is ThankYou Ben

Terry Charters

Ben has provided myself and other staff members with sales training to build confidence, knowledge and training to be the best sales people we can…. Ben is always very knowledgeable throughout both aspects of working with us, he has a real passion for helping …I would personally recommend him to anyone who is looking to develop their personal skills or their teams skills. He really leaves a lasting impact.

Alex Pike

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