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Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Experienced Coach and always a Friend

I have been in ‘selling’ since I was about 8yrs old although clearly I didn’t know back then!

I had my own ‘enterprise’ officially when I set up my 1st business at aged 16 cleaning windows…but I know I was buying & selling golf balls and push bikes and anything that people wanted whilst I was still at school!

I’ve pushed my through life selling B2C and B2B and I have sold ‘Capital Plant’ to Home Improvements to Financial services and of course for the last 18yrs Business Development services.

It’s in my blood but I have studied and learned and am always reading and improving.

My simple passion is people. I love people and am driven to serve. I believe that I can help but I will equally I’ll be the first to say No if I do not believe I can.

Doing nothing is more expensive

I fully appreciate that sometimes ‘costs’ are critical – but honestly if you already have challenges with your business performing as you wish then everyday you leave it costs more!

Imagine if together we could find ways to improve your selling by £10.000 or more each month…but you left it ticking over for a year – that’s effectively £120,000 lost!!

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know!

Fact: we all think we are pretty good! Of course!

But often it is exactly the ‘outside perspective’ that changes things. You are blooming good at what you do, but none of us know everything…what if an idea from another industry experience radically changes your business but you’d never have known it because you couldn’t have come across it before?

The Value Is Your Pension!

Sometimes we have to stand back and think “what are we doing it all for?”. Often the idea of a business is “to have something to sell when you’re done”… but what if it isn’t really sell-able? What if because you don’t really ‘deliberately develop’ your business it can’t be sold?

OR what if you invest now but in doing so create a hugely more attractive and valuable entity? That can be your retirement sorted!

Make Every Day Exciting Again!

Be honest, dreading going into work or dreading coming home and discussing ‘not enough money’ or feeling tired before you start because business is such hassle… that’s no way to live!

C’mon over and let’s chat, because genuinely if you don’t enjoy everyday then we need to get things tweaked so that you do!

It costs nothing to talk – but it could cost everything if you don’t address what you know needs addressing

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