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Meet Ben Kench

Author, entrepreneur coach and professional business speaker.

The UK’s No1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist

Specialising in re-energising B2B Service sales teams and the deliberate growth projects of a typical SME client sized between £2million – £50million, Ben is the man to turn to if significant sales improvement or performance increase is what you seek.

For more than 30 years Ben has been a leader in the sales environment and has achieved multi-million-pound success in both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) sales.

He carries with him a unique ability to find creative ideas, ‘see’ and implement process improvements and always be ‘numbers oriented’ so that tangible and significant

“In truth,” says Ben, “the key to greater success is in the refinement of the selling process – the steps of the sale and the language and engagement achieved at each step. Every business needs sales to survive and whether it is called ‘Business Development’ or ‘Customer Services’ or ‘Client Retention’ it is still selling. To greatly improve a business we focus on the finer details of these stages.

Sales is an art form!

When you watch anything being done by a ‘master’ it seems effortless and it flows and it is a thing of beauty to watch. A perfectly executed sales process and the resultant sales that are achieved seem to happen with ease when done brilliantly by a sales professional.

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What people say about Ben

Ben is great at focusing your mind and business.. Highly recommended if you and your business has lost its way and you need a friendly kick. Just ensure you follow up on what you learn for maximum results


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A bit more about Ben Kench

Sales is an art form!

When you watch anything being done by a ‘master’ it seems effortless and it flows and it is a thing of beauty to watch. A perfectly executed sales process and the resultant sales that are achieved seem to happen with ease when done brilliantly by a sales professional.

I Love Sales…when done ‘right’!

And by ‘right’ my personal belief is that it must be with integrity: – the selling of a worthy product or service that “does what it says on the tin” and to a person or entity that will benefit from the purchase. And if the purchaser genuinely benefits, then selling as much as possible to help as many people as possible is good for all.

Many high-profile examples of mis-selling have eroded trust and any business that aims to be successful in tomorrow’s marketplace MUST build and sustain that trust.

I love to work with a business that operates with integrity, seeks significant growth and rises to the challenge of reputation building for a stronger future.

Ben’s background….

 “I guess I have always been entrepreneurial minded”, says Ben, “growing up as with most of us in the late sixties and seventies we didn’t have ‘things’. For example, a pushbike – my Dad made us bikes and we treasured them and even home-made one’s were more than many kids in the village…and so it lead me to create openings for myself to earn a few pennies to get what I wanted.

I started ‘selling’ rides around the school playground on my bike when I was only about 8 or 9 years old and I took other kids ‘tuck’ monies and bought books from the school book club!!

I graduated through various side-line pocket-money ventures like selling recovered golf balls back to golfers and doing two paper rounds, gardening jobs etc then upon leaving school at 16 I set up a window cleaning business….before selling that 3 years later and embarking upon a real sales career just before my 20th birthday in the double glazing industry.


“That will do until you get a proper job”

I came home and told my Mum that I had got myself a new job and when I told her she said “Oh well, that will do until you get a proper job”!

It stung! But it also galvanised me. The desire to ‘prove them wrong’ (when I felt that they judged me) inspired me and pushed me to learn to study to improve and to be the best.

The rest is really history as they say. From glazing to air compressors to nightclubs to holiday property and from timeshare to financial services and alarms to business training I have sold them all and been top of the pile…because I study and learn and push to be better.

I have always tracked numbers and measured results – especially commissions earned not merely figures on the board, and I pride myself to sell well not give it away!!

“I test, measure, learn, apply …and test and measure and learn and apply…”

 When I work with business owners and sales teams today those early route disciplines are shared and instilled and we achieve astounding results.

Sales is my passion and I love adding energy and skill and inspiration to transform a business sales achievements. If that resonates with you then connect with me today and let’s make your business or team performance what you want it to be.

The ‘bigger picture’ of business coaching….What does a business coach do?

I created The Business Booster programme in 2004 because I had business owners coming to me (after hearing that I was achieving excellent sales results) and asking me if I could help them. I saw a ‘gap’ in the local business sector and realised that what I find easy others find challenging. Thus ‘The Business Booster’ was born…and I wore the label ‘Business Coach’.

The market has changed since 2004 and so my programme The Business Booster and my coaching content has also evolved but it remains a ‘joint’ process – I commit to the outcome and get stuck in to cover any issue that arises.

Whilst I ‘major’ on the sales and marketing because that is the lifeblood of any business,  I have always been numbers oriented I combine that with systems and measurement and thus process refinements to test what we are doing. I have immersed myself too in CRM and more recently the Internet Marketing world and so ultimately I bring to your table a complete view that drives with sales but does not leave a trail of debris behind!!

People matter more than money…

The bottom-line truth though is that I am driven by my love of my fellow man and the desire to help and I actually do what I do because of my love for people. People come first. And so whenever I work with a business I am actually working with people and it hinges on that personal relationship. Yes we have a financial arrangement and yes we are there with a commercial aim…but for me it is always personal.

I will share my life learning ‘from the heart’ and my clients become friends that remain for many, many years…and that is how I always want it to be. I commit to working beside my client and walking-the-walk, sharing the struggle and the stress and seeing it through to the agreed improved ‘end’.

Ben Kench gets results..you get a partner in your success

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