98% of the hands went up!

Author: Ben Kench

 I was in a business meeting last week and the speaker said “Who doesnt want to deal with a pushy



98% of the room put their hands up.


In the context the speaker was referring to the options that a business owner had when buying and was

suggesting that they might be able to buy other ways (and specifically sell in other ways) rather than with a

salesperson! The undercurrent being simply that a salesperson is pushy and not liked!!


Honestly…first answer, how do you feel? Do you like the thought of seeing a salesperson or prefer not to?


Mmmm, yes, it’s true. The stereotypical image of a pushy salesperson is lingering and we all have experience

of such a person and almost all of us – including salespeople! – don’t want to repeat that experience.


So, my question to you is, why are salespeople seen as this pushy pressured person? And what are you doing

in a business to sell your business effectively without being this style?


You see, sadly, such is the image and fear attached to ‘selling’ that the typical response is ‘non sales’. In other

words, businesses do not sell. They offer their offerings, they market some news about what they do etc but

they do not actively sell! The ‘non sales’ approach expects a buyer to just walk in and browse and ask to




But it just doesn’t work! Businesses are struggling! Sales need to be created. You still have to sell!!


BUT sell in a correct way.


Selling should in my opinion be an honourable profession where the person receiving the goods is always

totally happy both with what they have purchased and the way in which purchasing was done.


Selling is a skill though and one that most do not work at. Most people selling have learned badly and have

been shown by the old school dinosaurs who teach old ways that created this negative image in the first place!! In fact it’s often over 10 years since they actually went on a Sales Course!! Well pardon me, but the world has changed a lot I that time…don’t you

think sales practices should too??


Selling needs to be helping. Genuinely helping. ONLY encouraging anyone to own what you offer when they

KNOW that it is better for them to own than not to own.


It saddens me that so many business owners have opted for the ‘no sales’ approach instead of opting for the

‘better selling’ approach.


I personally would love to help anyone who is in business improve their selling and the corporate world as

a whole adopt selling practices that honour each other instead of stealing from each other or abusing power

and privilege.


If you’d like to see a new better sales mentality then connect and tell me…and let’s slowly see one company

at a time shift practices so that image few years time 98% of the hands will go up when they are asked “who

would like to see a helpful salesperson?” Give me a call, it would be an honour to help 🙂


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