Breaking Down Your Goals into Smaller Pieces

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So don’t worry or focus on the whole journey; instead pay attention to a small, easily attainable first step, and then keep taking steps and eventually you’ll reach your end goal. So, when you’re setting goals, always begin with long-term ones and work backward to medium-range and short-term ones. Work backwards to set a small one-step task. This process is also often referred to as ‘chunking it down’. You can deal with bite-size chunks and stay motivated.

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The world's your oyster

Long-term goals

Long-term goals should be 20-year projections. Granted, if you’re 75, your 20-year goal may be just to plant both feet on the ground each morning. No matter how young or old you are, picturing what you want your life to be like 20 years from today is difficult. But set goals anyway keeping in mind that they may change along the way.

You may want to consider many areas when you set your long-term goals, but for the purposes of a selling career, we focus on personal accomplishments, asset accumulation, and net worth.

When you set long-term goals, be specific. Instead of saying, ‘In 20 years, I want to live in a large house and be financially independent’, say something like the following:
By this date in 20 years, I want to live in a large beachfront house on the shores of the Mediterranean, with beautiful gardens, a swimming pool, and garage that houses my Range Rover, Porsche, and motorbikes. I will own this house mortgage-free and I shall enjoy the freedom that healthy savings of £500,000 invested in various bank accounts allows. I shall also have a beautiful country property back in England with landscaped gardens and roses growing over the front door.

Get the picture?


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