Business Coaching And Nanny McPhee

Author: Ben Kench

“When You Need Me But Don’t Want Me, I Must Stay, 

When You Want Me But Don’t Need Me I Must Go” so said Nanny McPhee.


And when I heard that it struck me how similar the role of Business Coach is! All too often in the first instance the need isn’t seen by the client and so they don’t want you… until you get stuck-in and implement some changes that have quite dramatic effect on the business. Then the situation of wanting but not needing happily takes shape.

Whilst it is always nice on the ego to be ‘needed’ in truth the role of a true business coach, in my humble opinion, is to become redundant. The goal always has to be teach them to think and grow and stand alone… very similar to a parenting or nannying in the Nanny Mc Phee context.

And so today,  I always draw encouragement from those potential clients who at first quite adamantly resist the mention of using a coach to help them improve things. As a business owner argues for the current scenario by saying that it is ‘just the economy’ or ‘just their industry’ or that ‘there is nothing that can be done’ I smile inwardly knowing that it is merely a need that isn’t visible to them.

(If you see a client that doesn’t think that they need a ‘coach’ or cannot see where they will benefit…but indeed you can see that they complain constantly about shortages of time, money or energy – then the truth is they are in the need of guidance and will massively benefit even tho’ they cannot see how so give them the Nanny McPhee line!).

How true it is that none of us can see what might happen until it happens…we do not know what we do not know…and thus we cannot visualise what might transform. We have no concept until our ‘eyes’ are opened and our mind stretched.

Out of love therefore, a coach is there to ‘open eyes’ so that minds can stretch, people can grow and improvements of lives can happen…and in that is the reward.

  • Not financial.
  • Not political or egotistical.

Merely a wonderful unspeakable inner knowing that in some small way whilst we have walked this planet we have made a difference. Giving and helping just because you can.

And in turn the coach seeks coaching to continue the upward growth and hope that we spin the wheel so that all eventually grow. A wonderful journey.

To learn, to give, to improve the lives of others – that is the coaching mission.

And when the client gains and enjoys the improvements that have been encouraged, with a wink like Nanny McPhee, he must fade away hopefully leaving an indelible memory and record of lessons never to be forgotten.

Join us in our mission and spread the word!

Have an awesome day sharing.


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