Business Owner Running His Business ‘Blind’!!

Author: Ben Kench

This last week I have been out ‘in the field’ and I spoke with a business owner about how things

were in business and it was a very interesting conversation.


Do you know your business numbers?


Honestly? Can you put a finger on a button and know how you are doing?


Like how many ‘active’ clients do you have?

How many quotes do you have in your ‘pipeline’? and what is their value?

And what do you expect to win?

And so what level of new business do you hope to bring in in this next quarter?



I know, I know…I ask a lot of questions!!!


But you see, without accurate information you are very much in the dark.


If you want any sort of success in business then you have to know where you stand and what options

are available to you.


I ask some more…

What is your conversion ratio for sales from sales visits?

How many enquiries do you get each month?

What is the best source of enquiry?

Is that answer based upon how many you get or how many actually convert into new clients??


In short the gentleman whom I was meeting with wasn’t able to answer…but he quickly understood

the need. After all, trying to run a business without knowledge of key numbers is simply running blind!


And so I pass this little reminder on to you.


Please Stop! Stand back!  Ask yourself: Do I know my numbers?


If you do and you can see what is required to bring in new business or what avenues of lead generation

are the best to focus upon then growth and business security are a lot easier to obtain…it isn’t ‘Luck’!


If on the other hand you can honestly say that you do not have all of the number knowledge that

could be useful…and indeed that you’d like to be a little less ‘blind’,  then give me a call or at least

speak to someone and take steps to give yourself a little bit of an easier route!


Running a business blind is a lot harder and more stressful than running one when you are fully aware every minute of all of your numbers!


Have a fabulous ‘number focused’ successful week!


With love always


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