Business Success Tip 3 – Get Better!

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Business Success Tip 3 – Get Better!

Ok, so lets face it…if I ask you the question, How good are you at what you do? What might you answer?? Go on …honestly…how good are you?

Are you the best? Are you very good? Are you good but then mostly your competitors are too so you’d be average?

Mmmm. Here’s the rub…

Average leaves me the client feeling miffed cos I wanted great. Average leaves me feeling short changed. Average dies

Fact: Businesses die and lose out because they deserve to because they aint that good!!!

They were mediocre and ‘just another’ and ‘average’- and today’s business world demands more than average.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I fully appreciate that it isn’t a black and white issue…but let’s not seek out the grey either. You know as a customer that most of the times when you buy form somewhere you are less than impressed! C’mon be honest…most places rarely give you great after sales ‘good vibe’ factor…especially in some major retail stores who seem to manage  survival despite themselves which is bizarre!

How many times have you been ‘Wowed’ recently? And as a percentage of all of the businesses that you have interacted with…how many would you say? 1% 5% 10%   rarely is it many!!!

So what about you and your business? Do your clients get ‘wow’? Do they have that ‘warm glow’ after sales vibe?

Ok…so let’s be real here…it is sometimes impossible to please the client! We’ve all had them…they moan about most things and even when they are happy they don’t say so!!

But that’s not the majority. The majority in good old English fashion don’t complain they merely talk behind your back! they vote with their feet and wallets.

And to be fair, it’s impossible to always please purely because we have a component called ‘Human’ and to err is Human…we make cock ups , we don’t always get it right… (getting it wrong though gives us a wonderful opportunity to create ‘wow’ when we put the wrong right)…but aside from error moments how good are we at delivery and impression?

Fact: Generally small business owners accept what they do as good enough without conscious and deliberate effort to get better.

You as a client accept what they deliver as good enough.

  • But good enough is not good enough.
  • Go0d enough means you don’t stand out.
  • Good enough means you aren’t remembered.
  • Good enough means that you are always having to spend money you don’t really have on attracting more clients who you don’t really impress enough to hang around and remember you…which leads to more spending more pressure and eventually a slow lingering death!!



Stand back!

Ask ‘How Can I Make It Better?’

What could you do to make you better?  Your staff?  Your impression better?

How often do you practice? Read? Study? Question?

Stand back and have a look at your process and see if it can involve the client more. Have a look at the ‘mistakes’ or ‘miscommunications’ and see where they occur and improve the process.

Look at the people and their attitude…and honestly push to make it better. Kick out sloppy! Kick out mediocre. Kick out complacency.

Stand back and look at when you last made a deliberate effort to learn and encourage learning…to test and improve skills…to deliberately challenge yourself and staff.

Why not have an ‘over deliver and wow the client’ day???? Have fun with it! Make it a game but start playing today!

And being better isn’t just for survival but let’s at least start with a slim chance of a future!

Survival isn’t about being the best it’s about being just better than the next so that they die not you.

Yes, its a challenge…you are very busy, too many tasks, process demands, too many ‘things to do’…but unless you have loads and loads of clients and are making really great margins then you probably have something internally that can be improved that in turn releases some of the pressure and in turn reduces the risk of negative impression.


Think  about it. Take time today to look with different eyes. Have a friend or colleague do a mystery visit and go through the whole process of seeing where there might be a weak link…it’ll be worth it in the end


Unless of course you just wanna die slowly and blame the rest of the world!!


But I don’t think you do!

So have an awesome day…play with ideas and seek improvement. There’s always room at the top so start deliberately getting better and let the ones below you fight over the crumbs that fall from your lofty table!

Yours always with love


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