Business Success Tip 4 – Don’t Compete, Create!

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Don’t Compete, Create!

In business today we are constantly aware that there is a huge scramble for business rewards. The news and the teachings al tell us…so it must be true…that there is a shortage and that we have to have competitive edge and that its win or lose cos not everyone can win.

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Get creating to conquer the world


Rubbish! Not true! PoppyCock!

Fact: even in depressed markets there is more being spent today than ever in history. Even in times of our supposed ‘shortage’ there is an attitude f spending that still frightens me with regard to credit at least! Shopping car parks are never empty are they??!!

So…people are still why the news about shortage? Why the mindset of win because not everyone can win?

Why competition?

Ok…allow me to clarify where I am coming from…are there others in your field? Yes…then one might argue that they are your competitors…however I want to adopt the mindset that in fact they are your allies.

Imagine this…

Person number one invents a phone that can be carried everywhere with them…and they have no competitors and so they alone have the market to themselves….

Good or Bad?

Imagine that you are the inventor of the wheel. You have come up with a thing that you new can transform the world…and no one else knows about it and you have n competitors selling or trying to sell wheels…you have the world to go at…

Good or bad?

Well in my humble opinion it is the worst position ever!

Simply put…if you don’t have anyone else selling it then you have no one really aware that they need it! If you don’t have loads of people making a living from it then you have no market to sustain your place in the selling of it!!

Competition is the sign of a vibrant and flourishing marketplace! Never moan about competitors!

But I know what you mean…you accept that there is a good thing to have competitors…but what you mean is that they don’t always pay by the ‘rules’ in as much as they say something that they don’t really deliver upon…or they appear the same but aren’t and yet they undercut you and ‘spoil’ your chances of making more money….

Well, my friend – tough! Like it or lump it that is always going to happen!

The challenge then isn’t to destroy the competitor. The route to success isn’t compete and try to force them out. The battle should NEVER be about price and ‘squeeze’ that is insane and short term thinking.

NO. The truth is – You need to become more creative.

  • Create an angle that they haven’t.
  • Create a reason to be favoured by the market.
  • Create a system that makes it easier for them to work with you.
  • Create a team that are friendlier and more popular.
  • Create a delivery that is more convenient a payment system that helps a trial period to overcome fear…


Create, Create, Create!!

Stop! Stand back! Ask, How can I make it better?

How can I create a superior method? How can I make it more ‘client friendly’? How can I give them what they really, really want?

Go talk to your client about what they really, really want for starters!! That makes them spin referrals like no one else in your industry. Don’t assume that you know why they should buy from you…ask them in their words what they are looking for !!!


Create a reason to choose you. Create a feeling that rewards. Create a loyalty that endears them to you. Create an after sales bond.


Create the best that you can ever be…not just good enough.

Go forward and create a brilliant future to tap into this massive pool of spending. Give those who spend the reason they want and the way they want and the personality and people they want to deal with and they will deal with you! Go create!


I’ll leave you with the wise words of a brilliant man…Mr Henry Ford said

“ Don’t wish that things were easier, wish instead that you were better”

Have an awesome day

Always with love



There is more out there than ever before  – Stop believing the lie that there is a shortage…there is only a shortage for those who aren’t good enough!

Start creating. Put more  in instead of replaying how you did it yesterday. Yesterday has gone and so have yesterday’s methods and desires…and if you don’t wanna go with them come up with create tomorrow’s way.




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