Business Tips – Tip 2 – Just Do What You Want!


Look around you.

Look inside you.

Look at the masses.

What do you see?

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Don’t love it? then Quit!

I see thousands of business owners or key employees in a small business that arrive at the place called work every day and feel that it is yet another day at the grindstone! They’re not happy! They’re not enjoying it and they’re not really getting anything for it!!

Heck – don’t follow the masses be yourself and don’t just work cos it pays your bills!! Life’s too short…STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE!

Question: do you really enjoy your business role?

Honestly? NOT the glib answer you give at social functions or networking…not the ‘if I say it often enough then I’ll believe the lie’ answer but the truth…do you really want to do what you do?
If you had a choice and a blank canvass and a cheque book covering your costs etc…would you still do what you are now doing?
Business Survival rates are usually lessened because the fact is business has many challenges and many tough times…and if you aren’t really totally committed to it then there will be a part of your mind that impacts your feelings and thus impacts your actions and thus means that when you are feeling ‘down’ and less than inspired you’ll deliver a service or product that is less than expected and gradually but surely your business will die. It isn’t going to implode it’s going to slowly linger in death throes.

What death throes?
Well for example

  • ‘Existing ‘ means managing the same turnover with probably smaller margins and so you’ve ‘trimmed’ the workforce.
  • ‘Existing’ means the plans are on ice and the mood is generally tired and down.
  • ‘Existing ‘ means paying the overheads and a little something for the owner – but frankly the little something is an insult because you’d get a lot more money and a lot less hassle out there in the employed market place…

The little something isn’t justifiable…it’s an inwardly destructive message that you aren’t making it, that it isn’t working and in itself it’s an insidious corrosive destructive component.
IF on the other hand that you are doing what you really want to do…doing what you are made for born for what you really love…if that’s the case then you’d almost do it for free anyway and so money isn’t the driver…

And it shows when you do ‘it’

And because it shows when you do it people sense it people are attracted to it and you.

You are a magnet because the buying senses tune into your non selfish delivery sensory output…you actually win more than ever purely because the vibe you project is pure!!

So basically if you aren’t doing what you really love STOP NOW! DON’T FOLLOW THE CROWD!
You’ll slowly die anyway. You’ll inflict more pain. You’ll take more people down and you’ll live with stigma and residue of failing – instead of standing up loud and proud for you and proclaiming that you are worthy of following your heart.
Stand up and say “I believe in me and this is me”. Then as with the Starship Enterprise ‘boldy go where no man (well at least not you) has gone before’.

Success is because of you…and you’ll succeed when it is really you that is coming to the forth
Stop wasting your life or listening to the lies when you tell yourself and others that you enjoy it…and if in fact that you do really enjoy it and you are doing what you love and would do it for free then every time you even go out get yourself into the ‘delivery of a labour of love’ zone and deliver with love not a ‘for money’ mindset and again the Universe will pay you properly.!!

Have a great day even if it means quitting!!!
With love always

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