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At the risk of sounding like those infamous and totally brilliant Judean’s when they asked, ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’….I say ‘ What have the Eurocrats done for us?’ Aside from milk our pockets, that is. Not that it’s all about costs…for me, it’s all about the cost in sovereignty.

It’s certainly not about trade. Let’s face it, the UK is such a strong economy no one in any business is going to stop trading with us. Trade loss is an absurd argument…honestly, put yourself in the position of a CEO who runs a Euro-based company and suddenly your trade partner in the UK is no longer an EU member…are you going to stop buying from them if they serve you well? Are you really going to stop selling to them if they are a good account?! Are you ever seriously going to go through the upheaval of moving a headquarters just because of EU membership? Ridiculous!

Basically European membership is NOT a bad thing…but it’s is also a costly smoke-and-mirrors sold to us in the 70’s as a golden source of trade…but times have changed. Now we have a global market and trading beyond borders is the long-ingrained norm.

So the ‘trade loss’ argument seems to be as valid as saying that everybody  over 50 suffers from crippling arthritis and fear mortality and believe that their end is near!! (ouch my swollen knuckles hurt!)

Then, of course, there is the very real issue of borders and migration. Let’s face it…immigrants teem here like lemmings racing for the cliff’s edge. Britain is a magnet for them and our ‘partners’ in the EU practically give them a lift to the border and feed them whilst they wait.

So it’s not really about trade, we don’t really get any protection for our borders and what about legislation? Well yes, here we really do see the impact of Brussels.

For starters, the famous and hallowed ‘European Court Of Human Rights’…Mmmmm….a great idea but how many times have we seen it actually benefit us? Unless you’re a militant Muslim cleric that’s causing mayhem here in Britain, and you find yourself protected by a ruling in some other country!

And what about employers who have issues with employees and then find their hands tied by European legislation? And the civil rulings and stringent restrictions such as endless European rulings on Health & Safety, being told what we can legislate over, being told how straight our bananas have to be and being told that we have to drink and sell beer in litres…C’mon?! Really?!

Our right to rule ourselves is long gone. Our choice in electing our leaders and having domain over our people has gone. We pay and we serve but we are now enslaved by the wishes of not by not only Westminster but Brussels too.

Blimey, isn’t one set of dodgy politicians bad enough? Being ruled by a MP in Westminster, who has never had a real job or ‘done anything that like what us normal people do’ is hard to swallow, but being ruled by Brussels too, by political fat cats swanning round from five star hotel to five star hotel, loafing around in meetings to decide what crackpot rule we follow next, and naturally, how much it’s going to cost us.

Yes, let’s talk. Yes, let’s share efforts on big picture issues like conservation, wildlife, pollution, terrorism, and let us share trade and benefit from cross population and shared ideas in food and culture….BUT we do NOT have to sell our soul and give up our sovereignty. Which is what has happened over the last 40 years. I am a fan of Europe but as it stands the current option is too far into losing Britain and British Rule so for me as they say “I’m out”.

Anyways, I feel better now that’s off my chest!  I’m off to buy a French Stick, a Pizza and some Belgian beer. I love Europe really. And I absolutely LOVE the mix of cultures..(I grew up in Leicester for goodness sakes!)…I just think we get pushed around by Brussels, and they need us more than we need them.


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