Success shouldn’t be something you have a half-hearted ‘it would be nice but I’m not that bothered’ attitude towards

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This is an edited extract from Selling for Dummies, the UK edition. Over the next few days we’ll look at goal setting in more detail.

Success shouldn’t be something you have a half-hearted ‘it would be nice but I’m not that bothered’ attitude towards.

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Business Goals need setting

In order to achieve success, you must want it badly enough to push for it. You must focus. Whatever your own goal is, you have to commit to getting it. Do not be fooled into believing some people are lucky; it is a fact that those who achieve the most, burn with a have to not a want to.
If you have no concrete goals and you feel that you’ve been succeeding already, just think of how much more success you would enjoy if you set your sights more firmly on specific aims. If you had a definite path, a specific timeframe in which you expected to reach your destination, and a very clear and identifiable end destination, how much more could you be enjoying?

Your success in selling is directly linked to your ability to clearly establish and then stick with your pre-set goals. The sooner you map a course of success, the more likely you are to reach what you want.
You may well achieve some level of success without planning too far into your future and without setting many clear goals. However, most professionals who fail to set goals reach a ‘peak’ in their selling skills and lack either the motivation or the direction to go beyond it. This is not the peak of attainable success; it is merely their peak because they are not equipped to go higher. What they don’t know  and what you should know is that goals give you three distinct benefits that help you succeed:


  • Goals keep you on track.
  •  Goals let you know when and what to celebrate.
  • Goals give you a focused plan to sell by.

And, if nothing else, goals raise the bar and show others around you the level to aim for if they’re to keep up with your standards of selling. In this chapter, we give you the information you need to make goal-setting a part of your daily life.


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