Is ‘Good enough’, good enough?

Author: Ben Kench

Is ‘good enough’ good enough?


You often here the words…”it’s good enough” used in a business context…and yet I ask is that really the way we should serve our clients in business? By delivering ‘good enough’?


A couple of days ago I was in a conversation with a client explaining how she had delivered her service to her client. Whilst conversing, the remark was made about  my client going too far…sort of over-delivering and it not being necessary. Her colleague had said ‘you don’t need to worry about doing those extra bits because it is good enough”


My client however felt that she hadn’t delivered all that she intended or indeed that her efforts hadn’t delivered for her client all that was expected, and disagreed.


My client said that she operates from a different perspective…just because it might appear to be good enough isn’t the criteria. She will only settle for delivering her very best.


And I agree completely.


And so today I share the thought with you…and ask that question of you …when you deliver your service (whether that be associated with a product that you sell or simply that you sell a service,)… when you deliver do you look to get enough done to keep them happy or do you always concentrate on simply doing your absolute best?


I am not telling you that there is a right or wrong. I am not preaching, just asking.

I will however share with you the way that I feel I like to buy


As a purchaser of a service I am always a little nervous that I have made the right choice. I am always slightly on edge that I have chosen the right supplier and opted to pay the right price…and whilst I always look to pay no more than I need to, I am often unsure as to what is the right price! Thus more nerves!


And so as a buyer I am hoping that the supplier does what they say and gives me what I expect. (Hopefully I have made it clear what I expect!)


In some instances I learn that I chose the wrong supplier…often indeed reminding myself that cheap just is not best in the end!


Sometimes I see that my purchase is ‘okay’ and that whilst it hasn’t wowed me it hasn’t let me down…just nothing to write home about.


And then sometimes I get Wow!


Sometimes I get more than I expected…more than was discussed or mentioned and I get the feeling and connection that the supplier cares and is interested and is genuine.


Yes that is a key feeling…that they are genuinely interested in my welfare.


I can feel when I get a total service and I can feel the difference when I get a ‘okay and ‘normal’ service.


Do you feel the same? Do you share those vibes when buying?


…most of us do in any purchase that is infrequent.


So then, when you are selling…do you deliver what is okay and normal …there are no complaints and there isn’t any agreement broken and you haven’t ‘let them down’….but it isn’t ‘write home about’ either!


Or do you do the very best that you can every time because that is the only way that you will operate on a purely personal basis?


My experience in business leads me constantly back to the real core values of humanity and people and fairness.


It matters not if you can get away with it. It matters not about costs and contracts and clauses of agreements 4 pages long…


It actually only matters about the feelings that you leave people with.


And the feelings that you leave people with emanate and originate from the feelings that you operate personally from.


And if you care enough to always do the very, very best then it shows… and they get it…and your business gets written home about! And told to friends about! and neighbours and colleagues at work! Your business gets the referrals the reputation and the better margins! Only by delivering those extra feelings of genuine care and delivery do you get written home about and win!


And so in the end ‘good enough’ really isn’t ‘good enough’ is it?


Just sayin! Here’s to being awesome and personal and never settling for good enough!!


Have a great day and week…speak soon

With love always

Ben x

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