“I haven’t got around to it yet!”

Author: Ben Kench

“I haven’t got around to it yet!”


Do you ever hear that? Do you find yourself saying that??


In my role as a coach, forever lovingly pushing clients along a path towards a goal, I hear  that type of a sentence almost every week!!


Business owners feeling burdened by the constant stream of tasks that are on their ‘To Do’ lists and then saying yes to even more tasks because they feel they have to or couldn’t say no.. …and the end result is “I haven’t got around to it yet”.


Maybe you can relate to that?


Modern Life Is Too Busy!


Is this a modern life issue? Is that just the way things are?  or is there anything we can do about it? How do we improve on this ‘burdensome’ situation?


Well, I am not one to bang a drum about ‘Time Management’ or to throw buzz words around like “efficiency drives” or “improvement initiatives”…because basically I like to keep it simple.


Action is a derivative of desire.

If you want to do it bad enough then you find a way!!


Pretty much it’s a simple as that…and when ‘push comes to shove’ and ‘the chips are down’ somehow somewhere stuff gets done!!!


Yes, when we really, really have to we find a way…So my question to you if you find yourself saying “I haven’t got around to it yet”  is

 “if it isn’t that important then why say you are going to do it?!….



…and if it is important then move other less important tasks from your radar and get it done!”


If you want a simple solution then try this:

  1. Don’t burden yourself with saying Yes to ‘stuff’ that basically isn’t what you want to do…or isn’t really important or isn’t really for now…say No! And then say yes to that which is top of your list and keep your ‘To Do’ list short and sweet Create a meaningful to do list …not a wish list that gets re written 5 times before being thrown away!!
  2. Slow Down! Many ‘things on your list’ aren’t real for you, Typically a lot of ‘reactive’ tasks get on lists…so slow down and allow a passage of time. If you still feel ‘it’ is a good idea after 4 weeks or 2 months then it probably is…so do it with commitment…but by waiting very often circumstances change and ‘needs’ change and so the item that was ‘bugging you to get done’ now doesn’t need doing!
  3. Don’t get caught up in fashionable swirls for the latest ‘Silver Bullet’ or ‘Magic Wand’…usually they’re over hyped ‘smoke and mirror’ concepts. If you want to succeed long term then focus on a few core activities and your people relationships. Remember, KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!


Just saying…

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