How To Feel Energetic (Even When You Feel Tired Out)!

Let’s face it, some days we can find our energy drained and facing another few hours of work or attending another meeting is at best not very appealing and at worst could be actually detrimental to business performance.

So, what can you do?

Here are some simple but effective techniques that when you apply them will make you feel instantly better!

1. Stop! Stand Back! and give yourself a moment of inner calm and reflection.

Now, for clarity, I do not mean take half an hour and sit outside – that might be a Gretzky idea but already I can hear you saying “I haven’t got time to do that!” – No, I literally mean Stop! For approx 10seconds…. Just enough to allow the awareness to register that you have actually stopped!  Then in those few seconds you will realise that infect you do have the power to stop if you wish.

You ARE in control even if you have relinquished it temporarily… And that awareness of empowerment will in itself make you feel stronger again and less fatigued.


 When you have stopped recall to mind the mental feeling or recall memory of one of your greates ‘wins’.

Especially if you can recall a business win – maybe winning a recently placed large ordr after a tough battle to out-bid competitors, maybe a recognition award with delivery if a recent project or task completion.

Whatever it us, recall a ‘Glory Moment’ because your ‘feeling of tired’ is in fact a mentally triggered one more often that a purely physical one and thus re-invigorating yourself mentally fires up the physical and you’ll be kin ing out as if you’d just won that order all over again if you focus on the feeling if the winning moment.



It’s a FACT that oxygen flow diminishes when we are stressed or slumped at our desk… And you need oxygen in your blood to drive the muscles and keep you awake… So breathe deeply for 2minutes preferably ‘fresh air’ by being bear an open window or being outside.

Oxygen and breathing are free! They work! Breathe!!


Drink Water.

Again as simple and as silly as it might sound, you are probably getting a message that says ‘hydrate me’ but you don’t recognise the message. Drink cold clear water and within 30 mins your body will say thank you by re-charging. Stay hydrated and you’ll increase your staying power!



Your body can be stimulated naturally within seconds to be ‘pumped up’ and ‘raring to go’. You produce a drug called adrenalin which is our body’s ‘fight or flight’ trigger and as we all know from when we have been genuinely really excited or really frightened when adrenalin pumps around our body it can leave you feeling ‘wide awake’ for ages. Thus use this to an empowering effect and learn to deliberately ‘adrenals’ if you need an energy injection. ( As a caveat, it isnt good practice to live on adrenalin highs… It leads to adrenal burn out and far greater consequences, however as a rare and last resort technique re-acre sliding can be very effective)

So my challenge to you my friend, today or whenever you next feel ‘tired out’ just systematically and deliberately do these 5 very simple things and you’ll always be outperforming the rest!

Oh, and by the way, get a good sleep pattern as well! Ultimately you need to allow your mind and body the gift of sleep or long term you’ll be no good to anyone!!


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