Know When To Quit!!

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We’ve all been there….frustrated for the umpteenth time that a person or a situation just isn’t going to change and give us the outcome we want.

We have had many a night arguing inside of our thoughts about quitting…no stick it out…no its just no good…no stick it out and give them / it a little more time…no walk away etc

The endless round and around in circles dialogue and then more days of frustrations.


Why do we stick it out? What makes us torture ourselves?

Well many reasons obviously and equally each and every situation circumstance and person is different so it would be extremely foolish to ever stand up and say what is right or wrong. There is no fixed right or wrong.

There is however a right way for you.

And sadly all of us probably know that we don’t listen to our ‘instinct’ often enough and then lament when we look back that we didn’t listen to our inner voice and get out then!

The truth then is that we do have a ‘right or wrong’ indicator…our inner voice and instinct.

Surprisingly enough it is never wrong.when it is genuinely an ‘inner voice’ not actually some constructed ‘ego voice’ that has all sorts of immediate agenda’s including revenge or other emotionally driven reasons. No, ego is not the voice to listen to, but you know your instinct if you are honest and allow a little peace and quiet don’t you?

All of us do.

And the key is simply this…make more time to be peaceful and quiet. Make a time for that inner voice and instinct to be consulted and listened to…then allow time for that to ‘sit’ with you.

You will always get the right guidance because the inner you knows. AND the more that you give that voice an ear, the mo that you listen and then act in accordance the more that voice feels the worth of speaking with you and the more it acts.

The truth is simply that when you listen you gradually allow it to grow in both strength and frequency until you genuinely can get into a habit of not worrying about anything but acting on instinct and trusting the voice. It will not always appear so at first.

One must action a little patience. In regards to time frames…sometimes you will have to wait weeks or months to find out that it is right. You might have your ‘faith’ in the instinct severely tested as others around you berate you or belittle you for your choice…but when it come into reality then you will be vindicated and your faith rewarded.

In business everyday there are people and arrangements that we are engaged in and inside we know that we should walk away.

Maybe it is fear holding us back…we stick in a job or a contract because we fear a lack when it is gone. Maybe it is a fear of letting someone down or appearing bad..and again this is ego speaking not usually other people! And when it is our own fear it is based upon a belief that we inherited as to what someone else said was the right or wrong way to deal with these situations! Its not even ours!

Maybe it is a love for them that keeps you hanging in when actually sometimes your leaving is the wake up call that they need to change! It could be that as long as you stick around they have less leverage to action the required change and if you truly do love and care for them then apply the leverage of the leaving!

There will be all sorts of situations …but for you the way ahead is to listen and trust and then act upon that inner voice.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway” Susan Jeffers said…and in business with client arrangements or staffing arrangements we fear stopping the relationship and yet maintaining it hurts us everyday.

We have to listen and we have to stop and face the fear…and then let go and allow The Universe to fill the newly created space.

Remarkably and thankfully it always does! The Universe is just waiting for you to step up and show your faith and then it rewards you.

And so today my message is to have faith and to feel the fear and then do the acing anyway that you know you should have done a long time ago. Say No. Stand up for you say Thank You for what you have and ask for help and strength going forward…but trust instinct and you will always be rewarded.

Have a fabulous day letting go of those arrangements. Know when to quit and enjoy the new as you quit the old.

Yours always in love


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