What do I mean by Love In Business? Indeed how can business be involving love? and who on earth is going to talk about love when we have business to do?!!

Well, firstly allow me to clarify. When I mention Love in Business I do NOT mean talking about love or indeed I am not referring to love as with one’s partner or relationship at home!!!

I am, though, advocating that when one understands the meaning of the word and its ‘bigger picture’ application, then love really can, and in my opinion should, be a part of every business operation.

Love…as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is…”a strong feeling of affection:” …or “a great interest and pleasure in something”. Love therefore is when you can have true feelings for another and it describes a correct use of the word as when you do something for the love of it or “for pleasure rather than profit”.

So, we can see, that actually in our language we have a pattern that we acknowledge and understand…that it is possible to do things for ‘Love’ and that ‘Love’ can be describing affection in a truly wholesome way. When we think a little, we do know what it means.

Our English language is sadly short of words to describe such a huge concept. Ancient Greek/Latin used 4 words to describe essentially different aspects of the feeling, and many other cultures around the globe have up to 20 words!! With only one its hardly a surprise that we struggle to use it!

However if we allied this with The Golden Rule “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us” then showing Love in Business is more about actually just treating the prospect or client as you would treat a loved family member.

Would you sell or allowed to be sold to your close and loved family member any product or service that possibly did nt do what it projected that it would?
Would you ever allow a salesperson to sell something that was way over priced or way under quality or from a dodgy company with lousy service to any of the family members that you cared for??
Would you ever consent to a known mal practise being perpetuated if you knew it was pretty likely to impact a loved one close to your heart?


Love in Business then is simply that…treating others as if they were family members.

It means that you do NOT stretch the truth! It means that you do NOT sell something that isn’t 100% as it should be…so never agree to selling toxic funds dear banker!! Never agree to selling services that don’t quite deliver dear communications company. Never agree to selling a concept where maybe you know people don’t truly understand and you can get away with it dear politician.

Love in Business means giving out what you would want to come back to your loved one. It means we never promise what we are not prepared to deliver. It means we walk away from a sale – even when we really need the cash, if we feel that what we are offering is not totally what the prospect needs, and it means that we treat staff and contacts as though they were family and not as a sub-ordinate or slave where we really don’t care for them beyond serving a useful purpose!

There are countless examples…but deep inside we all know the truth. It may be the case that so many others are ‘doing it that way’…but you have been told since childhood ‘2 wrongs do not make a right’. Just because the others are doing it doesn’t make it ok for you to do it.

So, I guess my mission is to help us all ‘Man Up’. Say No when we know that actually we should. Stand up and stop selling or encouraging anything that is not absolutely as it should be…as we would want sold to our loved one.

If we do this one small sales call at a time…if we do this one small contract or conversation at a time…if we all do this just once each today or tomorrow we can start a wave of consciousness that can and will impact all of our lives for the better.

Money is NOT worth lying cheating and being ‘clever’ for.

AND the most wonderful thing of all, is that actually when you and I stand up and verbalise how we feel and how we want to do business, most of the others around you stand up and agree…and we find that the old days where it was ok to cheat have backfired and we all want a better way. We all want a little more loving!

So, start the Wave! Start with You! Start with Now!

Have a truly fantastic exciting day …and please, try being just a little more loving, vocalise how you feel and see what happens…and feed it back so that we can all feed of good news!!

Here is a video of me talking about this exact topic in Manchester.

Yours always in love

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