Love IS All You Need

Author: Ben Kench


The Beatles sang “Love is all you need” …. And we sing along but never really let the message sink in.


Love IS all that you need – but not just being in Love and experiencing that ‘high’…not just having one person’s

affections and focus in mind…not just Love in a relationship but not in the rest of life.


Love IS all that you need – if it truly becomes your focus in all that you do.


Imagine this: you are in business and you are by a twist of circumstance doing business with a close family

member. Being completely honest, would you carry on possibly as you always do where you focus purely in your

agenda and outcomes…or would you maybe think a little more carefully as to whether it really was in their best

interests and maybe you’d speak and explain potential benefits just a touch more carefully to ensure that you did

not do a close family member a disservice?


Well, I am sure that you would approach this scenario with your family member in a slightly more caring and

diligent manner wouldn’t you? That isn’t to say that you are usually ignorant of your prospect’s requirements,

but just that you’d maybe be focused on your sales needs and targets etc than them.




What if you weren’t?


What if Love and that genuine caring that is evident with a close family member were your usual way?


You see, I believe that Love IS all that we need…and as hard as it is, when we focus in a truly selfless loving way

even in business meetings, then we actually transmit that caring energy to the other person…and actually we

end up winning more because the energy is sensed and the person on the opposite chair wants to work with

someone who cares!!



Love… genuine caring for another human being, means that you put their interests before yours.


Love means ONLY selling when it works for them on all levels…not convincing yourself that it as right to sell

because if you didn’t someone else would or that everyone is selling that way so why shouldn’t you!!


Business is not predatory. Business is not about getting away with it if you can. Business is about people.


Love is THE most sought after feeling and need in the whole world. “money can’t buy me love”  we are reminded…

so why can’t we put love before money??


My mission is simple – to push and pull and drag and kick so that business -and in particular sales practices,

are improved so that genuine love and caring for others overrides our decisions and actions.


Let us not live in a selfish world where any practice is condoned. You have an inner compass…you know when it

is right or when it really isn’t. It doesn’t matter what your colleagues do or what your boss demands or what the

industry you serve allows…it only matters what you do and how you give to the world.


For today at least, let’s try adjusting.


Make every decision one where genuine caring for others it the focal energy. Make every business choice one

where the other person truly gets what they think that they are getting and that contracts are simple and honest

and there’s no hiding behind small print. Make every transaction about people as if they were your loved one.


If we all do that then our wold is a better place.


When we all do that we all sleep better, work better and have happier homes.


Love really is all that we need. Good luck

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