More About The Heart Of Business

Author: Ben Kench

Simple things matter. Like asking how things are…but having genuine concern for the person who you enquire of and totally listening to their answer… as opposed to the ‘go through the motions, not really bothered about the reply’ approach that one usually encounters!

When you focus on The Heart Of Business you come from the heart…and that is almost tangible. Business c

an be transformed into the most wonderful meetings and warm rewarding partnerships when we have the strength to ‘Slow Down’ and give mental energy to the person in front of us.

It may not be what most people do…it might not even be what the ‘pressure’ of figures or Boss’s likes but in the end it is the only way to build solid and profitable business relationships.

As you wind down after a working day I hope you had a really rewarding day…but more than ever I wish you a slower, more ‘human connected and people centred’ day tomorrow – for I am sure that your business will prosper more when you let you out!

The Heart Of Business says “it’s only good for me if it’s good for you”.

Have a truly wonderful tomorrow and let’s make business warmer one person at a time x

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