Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Author: Ben Kench

Let’s face it we all have heard that and paid lip service to the idea….but do we, in fact, heed the advice?


Recently I personally had a blunt reminder of how maybe I too could follow this lead. I had a situation where my car basically could have used a service…but it never actually felt urgent and it kept running and it didn’t seem to need anything as I did at least check the oil to make sure I didn’t run it dry!


However one morning in the frost it refused to start. I couldn’t figure out why it had broken as it had been running well…I mean genuinely running along on the surface as I had expected it to. So why wouldn’t it start one frosty morning?


In trying to start it the battery went flat and so I invested in a new power source and waited a couple of days.


The battery duly arrived and I fitted it but despite my added power the engine would not start.


Well, to make a long story shorter, the engine had in fact probably seized! Whether it be lack of water in the cooling system (no never checked!) that made it get too hot or lack of anti-freeze that made it freeze…either way the end result was ‘damage beyond worthy repair’.


My lack of attention to little details and regular servicing in the end directly contributed to a major failure and cost me one heck of a lot more than the cost of servicing.


Prevention undoubtedly would have been better than breakdown.


And so my mind switches to what I see in business every single day. I see business ‘engines’ that are running along as they always have but that aren’t being serviced or updated and I see huge potential for a costly breakdown.


Prevention or preventative maintenance actions would be better than the breakdown or cure.


And so my question is when did you last have a ‘mechanic’ look over your business ‘engine’ and make sure that it is fit for the road ahead and reliable enough to continue without breakage?


When did you stop running it at full pace and make sure that it wasn’t wearing out and bits within it weren’t getting weak?


You are probably very sensible with cars, I am very tuned to business. Whilst you look after your car you maybe think that the business is different and it will carry on regardless.


Well, is your enquiry generation process ‘oiled’ and producing sufficient quantity of the right quality of enquiry? Or are you assuming that it is a market condition beyond your control?


Is your customer data management ‘anti-freeze’ protected so that all data synchronises and is up to date and the system is backed up? If a ‘head’ is lost from a key member of staff (yourself included) could someone else ‘run’ the business engine and be completely aware of all relevant information?


Is your relationship with existing customers ‘ rust proof’ and strong enough to resist ‘corrosion’ from competitors? Are they still buying happily from you? Do you know or do you assume?



My car ignorance cost me a heap of money and lost time. It stressed me and upset my life considerably for a couple of weeks. It hurt.


Your business if run without attention might be even more painful if it ‘breaks’ slightly or indeed if running it breaks you! Why not have it checked?


As a dedicated and experienced business ‘mechanic’  I offer a Business Health Check – a comprehensive diagnostic examination together with you in open frank and helpful dialogue…and it is No Cost. Call me now 07989513009 or email ben@localhost.


If you’d like to know for sure and not tempt fate then I’d call me! Please don’t be like me and my car!


Remember, Prevention IS Better than cure!


With love always


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