Sales Success So Close And Yet So Far Away

Author: Ben Kench

So, I am chatting away to a business owner friend and client and she says to me

“I wish I could get on with her…she seems so ‘sorted’ I dont think I can ever get in


Wow! What an assumption!

Immediately I probed and said “Tell me what you mean”

Well within a few moments it was clear that my friends perception was based upon

her feelings that were based upon the prospects image…how she carried herself,

how she spoke and dressed etc.

AND  I wondered….just how often is this the case? How many times do people in a

business or selling role assume that the prospect is out of reach when in fact they

might just be the very ideal client?

How many times does a person allow an image and a perceived assessment to prevent

them from making an approach or genuinely making the most of their chances?

NOW it just so happened that I also new the prospect in question…she also is a client

of mine…and consequently I know that she is nothing at all like the perception that

my current guest had made. Nothing like it!! indeed I knew that she’d laugh her head

off if she thought thats what people thought…she would say “if they only knew!”

However the point is a perceived impression was assumed to be accurate and the

approach was essentially cancelled out from even trying!  On NO EVIDENCE!!

Indeed with some inside knowledge I was able to totally transform my clients feelings

about the prospect and within 20 mins she was raring to go because she felt safer and

more secure and comfortable…

So, two very important things to just share and bear in mind:

1. Everyday you probably see or come across a person who in your mind appears to be

‘sorted’. Remember, remember, remember…it is ‘in your mind‘!! NOT necessarily real.

Very, very often indeed the one’s with this image create the same feelings in many

on-lookers as indeed in you … thus nearly everybody walks away thinking it is of no

use to approach …and consequently the ones who do brave it win and win big!!

Remember “He Who dares, Wins”

2. Secondly, the truth is that the feelings you have immediately before approaching

a prospect directly impact how well you perform. They immediately altar your

mindset and thus your confidence in approaching and thus probably your style,

word choice and overall performance. YOUR thoughts changed – nothing else!!

Merely what you told yourself!!

Thus a truly powerful and yet simple ‘Winning Way’ that those who succeed have

embraced is simply to tell youreslf a wonderful story about a mis-read opportunity

and how in fact that once approached the person was one of the best clients ever…

and then face the prospect in a bouyant and positively charged frame of mind…

Strangely then you might just walk into the reality of that thought and have the best

day ever!!

So…here’s to your best day ever!

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