Part one –  you can find it here  Selling through Social Media –  go and take a look and then come back and read more.

Selling through social media

Hello again… Let’s chat more shall we? About that Selling With Social Media idea…

To recap briefly, selling with Social Media firstly means that you have to apply a totally new line of thinking. A new strategy

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Social media rockstar

Using the Rock star Model for Social Media Sales

So Tip Number One – Share what you know and show your superiority!! Get your ‘stuff’ in front of ‘fans’ and then monetise once you’ve created loyalty. Imagine you are a rock band because in fact that’s the marketing model

  • you have to ‘tread the boards’
  • and ‘do the gigs’…
  • let people hear your music before they ever go out and buy that music…
  • build a fan base though and the next material you release is automatically monetised
  • and your future secured so long as you create good material.

Now what?
Well the next idea isn’t really rocket science but you’d be amazed at just how many people are way wide of the mark here!

Tip 2 – Get Social!
Once you’ve released some of your material understand that these new marketing mediums are called ‘Social’ for a reason! It means that you have to engage with them! You have to socialise: talk with and meet with those who are in your virtual environment!

Yes, get amongst them and be real!
Too often computer derived scenarios are driven by codes and software and some geek in a bedroom in Idaho comes up with a program to automate connections because he can’t make friends any other way and then the whole world embraces some code to make friends!!

Friends are made by talking and getting to know!!

How many friends have you got using codes???

So stop being lazy and get chatting! Get showing me you.

If you went out with a person…maybe socially with a view to being in unison business or personal, you’d want to ‘get to know them’ first. Don’t you??

What does get to know them mean?

  • It means swap info…
  • it means tell and show…
  • it means be yourself
  • and let them be themselves

and on that basis a judgement can be made.

Social Media might use a computer but it operates with the same rules because it’s operated by the same creatures…humans!!

New Social Media is actually old social rules applied through keyboards and webcams!

So get with the program!
Get a camera and start talking about you and asking about them! (by the way, stop being silly about cameras! If you walked into a room would you hide your face??? Would you want to connect with someone who hid theirs???  You have to play by the same rules! Use a camera and talk face to face…use new and ‘real’ pictures and change them or add to them as your life unfolds..share your life and engage people…)

Be Social and become successful

AND whilst we are ‘hot’ lets put it into action!
Making a change to your circumstances as desired means you must first make a change to your actions! So NOW whilst its hot in your mind …go into your accounts and start being social! Chat to someone you haven’t chatted to for a while! Ask an old friends how they are…share a thought on a topic…start a discussion…whatever you do, do something social and do it now!!

Have a great day… and you can be social with me by leaving a comment before you go off an read selling with social media part three.

With love

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