Show Don’t Tell – Are You Showing What You’re Saying?

Author: Ben Kench

Picture this…you are at a networking meeting or at a business exhibition and someone stands to speak as is expected…and what they are in fact doing is a mini ‘showcase’ and a ‘pitch’ so that they hope to encourage you to enquire as to using their services.

For the purposes of illustration, they are a business that does Presentation Skills and they will tell you that they help business owners get their message across in a sophisticated and effective manner…

BUT when they in fact stand you as a member of the audience see that the ‘slides’ are ‘text heavy’ as they have so many points that they wish to put across.

You see that they suggest that they can help a business in manufacturing but show nothing to align the slide content to the object or target business.

You see the presenter is himself referring to the slides for almost every point to be made thus conveying the impression of either considerable nerves or poor knowledge.

Would you be ‘sold’ enough to ask this person for help in your business presentation arena?

You’re right! Probably not!!

Now there might be extenuating circumstances such as a last minute standby person, but basically you expect that the ‘Presentation Skills’ message is not only preached but acted upon. You expect them to ‘walk the walk’ and demonstrate in all areas that they practice what they preach.

And the same is true for all of us. We look with different eyes and without being scathing or rude we judge and asses and form opinions.

We are asking ourselves “Are they good enough to impress me?” “Can they sizzle me and excite me that they might be the key that I am looking for to make more sales?” “Are they going to show me a technique or something that I know will be better than I am currently using?”

When we don’t see it, we switch off.

Thus my question is “Are there moments when we are out that maybe we aren’t ‘walking our walk’?”

For the illustration above, you would need to be impressive. Knowing your content, having an interesting and different style of presenting and probably using better tools in a more stimulating and engaging manner.

If you are selling print then have some print work of all types that shows off what you can do.
If you build websites demonstrate that your own site is exciting and different to look at but is winning you business.

If you are a coach demonstrate that you practice what you preach and if you are saying that you can make other people business better show evidence that yours is better?

The truth is there are a lot of ‘pretenders’ out there and you as a buyer are tuned into that …and your BS radar is pretty high! Expect everyone to have the same ‘guard’ before they buy or enquire from you and absolutely go out of your way to demonstrate what you do.

Show don’t tell.

Simple but hugely effective, and so rarely the case! Be the one that stands out for being congruent….and in doing so have an awesome week.

Yours with love
Ben x

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