Small business leaders: How would you fare on the managerial merry go round?

Author: Ben Kench

Managers are judged on their results or they get sacked. How’s your small business performing? Would you be in line to be fired? What’s that…You’re indispensible?

At the start of every football season, there’s always the question hanging over the Premier League – who will be the first manager to be sacked? In fact, according to the League Managers Association, managerial sackings are more commonplace than any time in the last thirteen years.

Now I’m not thinking for one second that you’ll come into work one morning to a barrage of customers, chanting abuse and waving homemade placards: SACK THE BOSS.

But in theory, do you deserve it? Football managers are judged on results – and in the most brutal terms. Eight games in, you haven’t enough points on the board – you’re out. No matter how much money you spent in the summer, no matter what trophies you’ve won elsewhere – when the players and the fans stop believing you’re their messiah, you are out.

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