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Author: Ben Kench

” I am very busy when the phone rings”

That is what he said! at the risk of stating the obvious he was blatantly saying that if it didnt ring he wasnt busy!

And so I ask, how many times have you said that “there is never enough time and one is rushing and feeling pressured”

Answer: a lot!

Now the thing is here, the state of ‘busy’ was determined by incoming activity

and thus ‘reactive’, and the truth is many many business owners are actually in

the same trap…they are very busy and they do have lots of things to do…but these

are usually re-active tasks in response to either a production/job issue or in

response to staffing, logistics or internal workings.

Yes, busy, but not pro-active. Not generating new business.

I asked my client how he felt about that and he admitted that it was true and not


And so a suggestion…

Deliberately take a diary slot and make an appointment with yourself!

Create a reason to be busy. Create a scenario where you are not near the phone…

indeed pass the ringing phone over to another person or call handling supplier to

relieve you of the ‘burden’.

By doing this you force yourself a) to fill the time and thus create a very powerful

discipline where you teach (remind? ) yourself that actually you are capable and

you can make it work and yes you are good enough to drive new enquiries!

and b) you allow for crucial time away from the coal face’ where you can reflect and

plan and re-group your mental energies.

Stop! Stand Back…and give yourself the awesome power that you have inside of you…

allow a chance for it to come to the fore.

Allowing yourself to remain in a reactive environment – no matter how you argue

that it is ‘needed’ will only result in your business sliding back. As the natural effects

of attrition…where clients die off or move on…take effect you watch as your business

slowly dies! These are real issues. You can never expect to keep 100% of your client

base…and so it MUST be replenished. If you dont be proactive about this then one day

the phone stops ringing all together and you have no business!

“So before it is too late”, I admonished,” take back control. Give yourself power and

make it happen…make for yourself pro-active lead generation time, and allow for your

mind to work on ideas and optimism and positive thinking about what can really happen

if you just get off of that treadmill!”

And so we agreed, and I share a gentle nudge with you out of love…just a nudge to

encourage you to no longer argue for your limits but to Stop! Stand Back and proactively

make your business stand out!

Have an awesome ‘deliberate’ day!

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