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Author: Ben Kench

Today I sat with a friend who runs a small business…and like thousands of others

he was ‘challenged’ by the struggle to survive – even after 5 years in business!

Now, I know that this last 12months has been extremely tough and for many it really

has been too tough…but for those still struggling on is there anything that  can be

done even with few spare resources of time and money?


The resounding answer is Yes.

I’ll share briefly some thoughts I shared earlier with my friend…

Firstly, I asked him what are you doing to be known more?

His answer was that he couldn’t do much advertising and so actually “‘honestly

not a lot”.

Wel, I asked him, …who do you really want to target then?

Again he answered that he didn’t have a ‘target list’ just “anybody really”.

And so two critical things to speak about spring to light.

Firstly you absolutely MUST be pro-active.

No one can buy from you if they dont know you. You MUST be visible and get your

message out there….Get Out More!

Be busy and ‘noisy’ in other ways – not cash and adverts as these rarely work these

days…but in activity and letters and simple things like network follow ups! (Yes, sadly

lots of people network but don’t follow up and consquently see little return on their


AND identify who you are really looking to work with. It sounds so simple but the truth

is that ‘anybody really’ is not good enough and leaves your ‘attraction’ message too

vague to actually attract those who you’d like to work with!

They say simple things are the foundations for successs and in small business land today

they truly are.

Take a few moments…think clearly about who you are after and why…and then go out

and be pro-active by meeting them where they go. Be in front of them in print and physically

and you’ll see your lead flow and opportunity quota rise dramatically even in ‘tough times’!

Good luck.

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