Stroppy Customers? You can rant right here…

Author: Ben Kench

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Stroppy customers

Stroppy customers – is it there fault?

alternatively titled….

Stroppy customers! Why do I get them?!!

Speaking with a colleague today and he said “blooming customers – always complaining and never bloody appreciative! Don’t know why I bother!”

Now, in business and in life, there are always moments when we get irritated and we are someone’s ‘stroppy customer’… But what can you do about it as a business owner to minimise the frequency?

What makes US stroppy? On those rare occasions when you lose it?

(I know, you never lose it! Just get a bit ‘firm’!)

But on those occasions, what makes you respond like that?

List the triggers…

  • Feeling not listened to?
  • Having to repeatedly repeat yourself because they pass you around?
  • The product or service not working but seemingly no-one from the supplier cares?

The list isn’t very long is it?

And fundamentally you are probably never stroppy if

a) the product/service works

b) the service team listen and respond quickly

c) it feels like they’re concerned

d) your expectations have been met

Thus, just very simply, if you have a droopy customer ever, Stop! Stand Back! From the situation and ask

  • Have we done all that we said?
  • Has the client been let down?
  • Have their expectations been met?
  • Has consideration been shown?
  • Has an apology been offered?


98% of complaints would never happen if Clear And Precise Expectation Management Guidelines such as   ‘This is what you get and when’ etc were delivered and then a simple and understanding response was received when (and if they) had cause for return.

In short – don’t blame stroppy customers.

Look first at all of the process and see if you can eradicate much by improvement ‘tweaks’ at your end!

What do you think?

Have a great ‘strop free’ day!



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