What a load of Bollocks!!

“Instant money Machine – Just Click And Earn”!!!!

Yep you guessed it, more of the same shite!

So…why do people send this sort of mail and marketing message out there?

Basically because the saddest truth is that some people actually take a punt and buy!

Yes, I know!! How mad a they?!

The fact is though that in today’s mad crazy too fast economy everyone is searching for something …and not prepared or feel that they cannot put any tie and effort into getting it so they want a ‘quick fix’ and a ‘instant solution’.

The is no such thing.

Quick fix either never works or works so fleetingly but never lasts. Instant just isn’t instant.

Too often sadly though it is the misleading articles and sales letters that are the issue. I mean, if someone makes a claim in writing then isn’t that supposed to be the truth? Isn’t there a law that says “publicity material should not be inaccurate or false” and that deliberately misleading is a crime?

Yes there is – and No, the senders of these mailings don’t care about the law!

Today I got an incredible mailer through…really professionally put together…credit where it is due…and indeed the promise of weight loss using “The Secret? These 2 Capsules!” was very appealing and stacked up with a lot of ‘scientific’ evidence…but frankly it was a reminder of the old saying that if you “baffle them with bullshit…” then it works!!

So, he is my humble suggestion…

  1. Throw away the mailings and the emails that promise instant or quick of no work…they are tosh!

  2. Never ever be tempted to stray down that murky path yourself. If you are in business tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Misleading people even if you can point to an odd example of the dubious claim is still misleading them. Sell by al binary ride examples and always be brutally honest about what is involved. Yes promise results if thy adhere to a programme and make sure that it is clear that effort and time and maybe a sacrifice or two is involved! Do NOT be tempted to share half truths and sell a ‘shiny new you’ when actually there is the appearance of rust only one month later unless it is polished every week!

  3. Work harder than ever with clients and those who have bought from you previously to make sure – absolutely sure, that they have benefited from what you sold them. Indeed if they haven’t make sure that you have offered to do all that you can to create a better outcome for them.

In short business has shifted and is shifting even more. We have had enough of the bullshit and the swindle and the scam …especially now that we see corruption in all larger businesses like banks and retail giants…and so the future is demanding that we slow down and are more transparent. When this becomes your ‘Modus Operandi’ you will have a bountiful harvest!

Wishing you’ll the best always…and here if you would like to chat or share ideas!

With love




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