The Heart Of Business

Author: Ben Kench

It’s not so important ‘what’ you are as ‘who’ you are.

Having great careers, elevated commercial stature and social prominence is fine, but who you

are reflects the morality, warmth and human kindness that is inside.

Today, as you mix and work with many people in a career role, take a few reflective seconds to

adjust your settings. Try going back to ‘default’ – that place
where you did what you wanted, where you stayed true to your instinctive nudge and where you

didn’t just sell something because it made money or you didn’t just let things happen because it

was easier to stay quiet than to raise a hand in disagreement. Be who you really are…warm,

loving, kind, considerate…and put values before money and people before profit.(Ironically,

people centred business always make more money in the end anyway!)

Our ‘default’ setting is Human Be ing not Do ing remember…so Be!

Slow down, look inside, ask questions like ‘How can I help?’ or ‘What can I give?’ and one by

one we will make the world or work a better place.

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