The Law of Attraction, Lady Luck and leading a better life #innerflame

Author: Ben Kench

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attracting the negative

attracting the negative

Most people have experienced the phenomenon of fulfilled expectations, but they tend to shrug these off as coincidences instead of planned, envisioned events.
The Law of Attraction states otherwise:
When you think something will happen, and you feel strongly about it, focus upon it, and believe it to be possible, you will bring about its happening. I think this idea is probably where the phrase ‘“Mind over matter’” came from. The Law of Attraction works with simple things, as well as with matters as complicated as achieving your 20-year goals.
For example, have you ever thought about someone just before theywhen the phone yourings and it is them? Or have you ever been planning to say opened your mouth to say something to ayour partner and they actually say the same thing to you before you speak before you mention anything? Well, I believe these events may well occur because as a result of the power of the universe and the Law of Attraction…  what we focus upon, we experience.
You will see a lot of people for example always focusing always abouton how they don’t feel well or they are always talking about being financially challenged…. Wwell what do they then constantly experience? Yep, poor health and poor finances. People who always focus on illness and debt experience poor health and poor finances.
As a real example of this phenomenom, a good friend of mine was prone to this sort ofadopting a negative mental attitude, and for a couple for years I constantly told him that he had to change his mindset and stop even talking about how he was always short of cash. Indeed I told him straight to stop attracting negatives and said I wouldn’t allow myself to visit him as a friend and give him the chance to attract negatives toward me unless he changed his focus and conversation.

I genuinely stopped visiting and calling, but the friend made a point of meeting up some 6 months later. The change was quite noticeable. He´d genuinely tried to stop himself talking negatively every time it started to come out of his mouth (as a bad habit he’d started expressing negative thoughts) he’d made a concerted effort to stop them and strange events had happened – including the arrival into his life of a very positive lady friend who refused to look at what was missing and insisted on helping him count his blessings.

Guess what? Two years later his business is doing incredibly well.

I mean 4 or 5 times the level of income it was just 18 or 20 months before. Why the sudden turnaround after 14 years of struggle?

I assure you it wasn’t coincidence. He literally attracted into his life, with a little help and nudging, the good fortune he desired.
You can do the same. The Law of Attraction sets no boundaries or prejudices. It doesn’t judge goals as not a worthy or unworthy. It merely provides for those who call upon it in the right way.
You really can have everything you desire. If it is physically available for someone else, then there is no earthly reason exists why it isn’t available for you. You mayight have to work a little smarter, learn a little more, or even mix with different people. You may well have to take a little responsibility for achieving instead of merely wishing and being lazy, – but if you do so anything can be yours.
So be your own fortune-teller.

Predict your own success by making your goals happen. The more you believe in your own success, the more you will do to turn your goals into realities.

Success is no accident!

  • You plan it,
  • you work on it,
  • you monitor it,
  • and you adjust it to enable yourself to enjoy a productive and prosperous life.

People may look at the success you’ve spent years accomplishing and see you as an overnight wonder. They may even try to tell you how lucky you are to have the things you have. Well, I say you create your own luck. You control your own destiny. Lady Luck has little to do with your success, and she shouldn’t get the credit for your achievements.

What do you think?


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