The Role Of A Business Coach

Author: Ben Kench

So, what is a ‘business coach’?

Good question… if I share a thought from today’s activity ‘in the field’ maybe it can

illuminate slightly….

When running a small business it is very true that whilst the initial ‘ freedom’ of

being without a demanding boss is alluring, the reality after a few months is far from

romantic. It is, in fact, often quite frightening and daunting…and commonly leads to

the ‘tired of working alone’ state. Indeed, in this state many business owners find that

their day drifts and their efficiency and effectiveness dwindles.

Hours can be ‘lost’ because there is a thought of ‘not quite sure where to start as there

is sooo much to do’ and when there is no external or managerial leverage to get things

done then reality for many is that not much does get done.

And so one sure role of the business coach is a source of kindly but neeeded leverage.

A coach is a friend and a mentor but a good coach is also firm and ‘pushy’ because he

or she applies the leverage that in an employed role a target or management figure


Business coaching is about inspiring clients to get going again when they feel

stale…and its about giving them fresh ideas when they temporarily have lost the

clarity of energised thinking. A good business coach leads and pushes and consoles

and listens.

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of fulfilling all of those roles with a friend who

actually realises now that being a business owner often is lonely. Today business

coaching was about sharing energy because he had gotten a little stale and it was

about inspiring with some fresh energy and ideas… and that is for me at least, one

of the most rewarding aspects – the giving.

Thus having a coach is NOT because you cannot do it…its because sharing benefits

us all.

So if ever you are chatting with a collegue who feels ‘stale’ or ‘lost’ or just a little ‘lonely’

pass them my number and share this connection point because it really would be a

supreme pleasure to ‘give’.

Stay energised and have a wonderful day!

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