There’s nothing super about supermarkets. They’re evil, wasteful b@st@rds.

Author: Ben Kench

You know how I like to decry bad, amoral business practice?

Well, I nearly properly cried watching Hugh’s War on Waste on the BBC. I’m talking frustrated, angry tears. Yet another big business scandal, but this one isn’t lying or cheating their way to sales. This one is about starving people to death.

We live in a world where there isn’t enough food to go round. But – and this is the sickening part – it’s very possible might be enough food for everyone, if it weren’t for ignorance and disgusting arbitrary rules that force the premature disposal of more than a billion tonnes of food a year. Can you even imagine what a billion tonnes of food looks like?

Imagine a normal household skip, not the biggest, just the common or garden three-yard one. Picture it. A standard yellow skip. If you tipped wasted food out of the packaging and mushed it down, a skip would hold three tonnes. To contain what we waste in a year, we’d need 333 million skips. Lay them end-to-end and they could go round and round the world over 13,000 times.

Which would create enormous Saturn-esque rings – so many of them that a Martian wouldn’t even be able to see the Earth anymore. No blue seas, no green forests, no white icecaps…just a huge shell of skip yellow.

And that’s just one years’ worth. Why are we letting this happen?

This wasteful mentality is poisoning humanity; I’ll bet it’s poisoning your business too. What are you wasting? Time? Money? Resources? Effort? It’s got to stop.

But I’m sure you’re not being wasteful on purpose. Unfortunately, some businesses do wilfully waste, and that’s what enrages me most.

Hugh’s War on Waste showed us how major supermarkets are rejecting perfectly fresh fruit and veg for cosmetic reasons. I’m not talking major mutations – I’m talking parsnips being too big, and apples too red. I wish I was kidding, I really do. But I’m not: the supermarkets reject it, and it goes in the bin at the farm.

In many parts of the world, there’s people dying of hunger. Single parents who just about manage to feed their kids but have to do without themselves. Families with jobs who routinely have to use foodbanks. And supermarkets have the audacity to ask consumers donate at food banks via in store collections!! I’m disgusted at the hypocrisy of it all… especially when you consider that agriculture is humankind’s single biggest use of water.

Then you start to appreciate all the resources that have gone into making that food – which makes wasting perfectly good produce absolutely despicable. How do the people who make those sorts of decisions sleep at night?

I beseech you, don’t be like those supermarkets. Reject the modern culture of wastefulness. It’s poisoning the world. Care for the world, do business from the heart, and good things will come your way.

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