Top Tips For Success In Business – Some people should not be in business.

Top Tips For Success In Business – Part one

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boxing gloves

The business Gloves are off

Top Tips..with a difference! You see, you and I have had reams and reams of paper sent our way offering ‘advice’ and ‘tips’…and much of it is good…but frankly I have seen too much ‘over egging of the pudding’!

So, I feel that you like a little straight talk now and then don’t you? Like, ‘tell it how it is’ instead of all of that Political Correct nonsense??!!

Like diet advice to lose weight…come on…eat less, exercise more!

And ok, I am deliberately being a little facetious here because I do sincerely appreciate that maybe adding another line or two could differentiate between certain reasons for weight gain or health conditions relating to exercise etc, but basically even those who recognise that they are heavier than they want to be usually appreciate also that they probably eat more than there body can burn up.

It’s not about volume…there’s no need to be all defensive and say ‘but I don’t eat hardly anything’ – that might be correct but also your body doesn’t burn hardly anything either so its not about volumes its about equations and ratios…

However I digress!

The point is advice seems to lack ‘common sense’ these days. Its got all ‘fluffy’ and ‘soft’ so as not to offend.  Like telling all the kids who aren’t really any good at singing that ‘cos they like it so much they should go on X factor and then when Mr Cowell dishes the comment that the rest of the nation thinks as we sat cringing on the sofa and the parents get upset at the semi-offensive put down!!

It’s all bloomin mad!!

You can’t sing love!! Go play the piano or something!!

So, I reckon we are due a little re-balancing…

  • Let’s say what is without being offensive.
  • Let’s talk sense not show that we have swallowed a Roget’s thesaurus for breakfast!
  • Let’s be ‘real’ to our audience instead of politicians who aim to cover everybody and in fact miss everybody as voting turn out clearly shows!

Fact: Most Businesses Don’t Work Because The Business Owner Isn’t Good Enough!! They cant ‘sing’ business and nobody told them to stop!!

Now that might sound a bit harsh. Sorry. But you know what they say the truth hurts.

But they also say ‘the truth shall set you free’.

Imagine if the new business owner sought straight talking advice before they set up on their own. Imagine how many might have been saved from the pain of failing.

Pain from personal pride. Pain from respect possibly in the relationship when the other party believes the hype and then sees the reality and dislikes the pressure you put them under. Pain when the savings that were gonna last you till you started seeing cash flow …have run out and the cash isn’t even a trickle.

 No! Some people should not be in business.

What about the pressure of juggling everything when you cannot afford loads of staff? Are they good at that? Was that pointed out to them properly?

How about sacrifice…did someone tell them properly that starting a new business meant long days for the first year or possibly two…and was that factored in to home life, kids travel etc??

How about asking the new potential business owner if they liked paperwork? Or Selling? Or negotiating with suppliers? Or talking to customers to chase debts? Or talking with suppliers to apologise for not paying on time?

Did anyone check if they were cut out for all of that before they were helped into business?!!

I doubt it!!

And no wonder we have a high business mortality rate!!!

So…business advice and tips that are straight…Number One, Don’t Get Into Business Unless You Have REALLY Done The Thinking And Planning For ALL areas!![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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