Use Technology More…

Author: Ben Kench

So, here we are, minus too many degrees and way too much snow…UK is white and our traditional work

‘modus operandi’ is grinding to a halt!

Whatever we should or shouldnt do regarding work, here in England when it snows it all stops!!

But thats actually a pretty daft scenario isnt it?

I mean with technology being what it is why do we soooo rely upon our already over crowded road links?

So, this morning I was supposed to meet with a colleague myself…and when it was ‘snowed off’ I suggested

no problem lets meet virtually…

AND basically he just didnt know how! AND he is NOT alone!

The suggestion sounded fun and ‘a bit of a crack’ and yet in reality its more than adequate to replace most

meetings with modern stuff if you get good at using it (and coming from Ben that is really a statement!

Only 8 months ago I too was in the dark ages!)

We made a deal though…I would lead him through it…and so we set about our challenge of setting up a

virtual meeting and then having our meeting as planned.

I successfully helped talk him through a Skype download and set up…and then equally I introduced him

to GoTo Meetings and 20 minutes later he is set up and we ‘meet’.

He needs to go and buy a decent head set with earphones and microphone but thats about £15 and then he is up and running!

No miles, no petrol, no cold and no frustration at being stuck!!

And here we are meeting over…accomplished just the same and I am now enjonig the luxury of hot milky coffee

and toast at home!! Excellent day!

So…get the work done just as effectively, enjoy yourself more as frustrations and costs fall away and get into

technology just a touch more…the toast is lovely!

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