What Goes Around….dealing with the struggle in small business

What Goes Around….      or dealing with the struggle in small business!


It was my new neighbour who said it…in conversation this morning about ‘what I do / what he does’ etc


He asked “what do you do then?”

I replied “Well I specialise in helping businesses grow…I help them with improving their sales and marketing…so that they can grow by sticking to what they do best…in this case roofing”


“Oh Yes” he said “I really should be better at that side of things!”


And it got me thinking….


Why? Why do so many people think that the answer is to be better in all areas?

You see there are a zillion owners of smaller businesses who probably recognise that “I’m not really good at that” but then too often flip to the comment of my neighbour and believe that it is their responsibility to get better at what they don’t do.


I disagree. The world spins because we bring people in to do what we are not good at!


I don’t want to go out and learn roofing and never should I!! So why does a roofer (in this case) feel that they should learn refined sales and marketing?


Indeed what a sorry place if we were all “Jack of all trades and master of none”


Far far better, in my oh so humble opinion, that we share tasks and allow other to invite us in where we are strong by, in turn, inviting others in where we are weaker. Stop feeling compelled to do it all yourself! In fact I subscribe to the “What goes out, comes back” adage and advocate that, if we have a ‘resistance’ to spending and consequently we push ourselves to do it all ourselves, we in fact create a blockage in the natural ‘flow’ of the commodity called money…and maybe the commodity of connection, sharing, community and many other things as well! It cannot flow in if we don’t allow it to flow out.


So I say to my neighbour “No! You shouldn’t be better at that! You specialise in roofing. I don’t need to learn roofing and take from your table. That helps no-one. Brilliant goal scorers don’t go and learn to be great goalkeepers! Play to your strengths and create a flow of work and money and good will etc. Pay out to win back. You do roofs, I’ll do sales!


So…I share the thought with you today


Rest assured I am NOT going to learn roofing!! But if you are interested in looking at what you can do to increase sales or profits then yes, that IS my bag!


What goes around, comes around always 

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