What Matters?

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As I start the day today I wake and see beside my bed a lovely site – ‘” Love You Daddy”  says a card my young son Luke made at school and beside that a ‘card’ with a Lego ‘Hero’ sticker on it that inside also says ‘Dad I love you’ …he made out of paper for me last weekend when we’d all had a truly fabulous playful boys weekend!

On my wall on the other side of my bed beside the lite switch is a picture drawn by my older son Zac of ‘Daddy on his motorbike’ where he’s added “to the best Dad in the world xx”

I go downstairs for that all important first cup of tea and on the wall at the bottom of the stairs are two pictures of my beautiful beautiful daughter as a baby and school girl and every morning and smile and say “Good Morning my darling” to her.

I have my cup of tea. I know that within a very few minutes I’ll thrust myself into the madness of the commercial world and sadly the emphasis will all be about money…and whilst I enjoy the buzz I am deeply aware that its all lost the point slightly.

What really matters isn’t the figures or the orders or the margins.
What really matters isn’t the glory or the prominence.
What really matters isn’t promotion or salary size or value of car in the car park.

What really matters is where your heart is, what you represent to your loved ones and the love in your life.

So today I know I am hugely blessed and love for my family, friends, the planet and each person on it keeps me grounded and focused. I face the world strong and with a smile – and nothing in the commercial outside world really matters.

I wish you a truly fabulous day but please remember always that the money, prestige, sales etc are not that important – so save some of your time, energy and health to give some of you to the people you love.

Keep it real.

Have a great day, with love always,

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