Where to Find Bespoke Personal Business Coaching in the UK?

Whether your business is just starting out or your established business is not performing as well as you would like, a business coach can provide a much-needed boost. If you are looking to find a personal business coach, you can find coaching online from Ben Kench. With over 30 years’ experience in sales leadership, Ben is the UK’s number one sales and business growth coach and is the renowned author of Selling for Dummies. Ben can provide online business coaching in London and offers a bespoke and personal coaching service to increase sales and business performance.

Business Experience

If you are looking to find personal online business coaching in London, you need someone with experience. Having always had an entrepreneurial spirit – starting from selling bicycle rides around the playground at the tender age of eight! – Ben has been a leader in the sales environment in both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) sales. Ben achieved excellent sales results with multi-million-pound success, leading to business owners approaching him to ask for advice and guidance with their own businesses. From this, Ben’s innovative and successful business coaching programme grew.


Ben’s business coaching can deliver a guaranteed improvement in sales. Your business might be B2B or a B2C, and you may sell lower-priced high volumes or higher-priced low volumes with a longer selling cycle. Whatever your unique circumstances, your business can benefit from business coaching that will bring energy and creative thinking to overhaul your selling systems and increase sales. Through personalised coaching, the fine details of each step of the sale can be analysed; by refining the selling process and operating with integrity, the business can be enhanced.

Business boost

If your business is not performing as well as it should or you are unsure how to grow your business and move it forward, a bespoke personal business coaching programme can bring new life to your business. Ben’s dynamic approach and creative ideas enable him to identify areas for change and implement improvements in your business. In addition to paying attention to sales and marketing, every area of your business can be analysed – from planning right through to technology – to pinpoint areas that can be enhanced or changed to boost your overall business performance. As Ben is numbers-oriented, you will always be able to see significant and tangible results.

If you are searching for a bespoke personal business coaching service in the UK, Ben Kench can deliver this service. By considering the people at the heart of any business, the joint process is a personal relationship whereby you get a mentor and partner who will guide you and achieve the results you are looking for to improve your business.

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