Work Life Balance

Author: Ben Kench

All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy!

And Jill a dull girl for sure…and we all know how it feels when the stresses of a

nightmare day or week impact us.

But why then are so many people in business running around like frenzied flies

pushing harder, faster, further every hour of every day because we say to ourselves

we have to?!!

Well, for the record I am NOT doing that any more! I am Stopping, to Stand Back

and ask myself “Is there a better way?”

And there is.

You see I believe that the modern western, self employed/ small business

owner lifestyle is bad for our health, its bad for families and its bad for the planet.

Strong statements? (Well I’ve never been one to worry about being PC!)

Only strong though if you do as I did for years and deny the impact that this

current lifestyle is having on you.

You’ve probably  pushed, denied and pretended that it isn’t really hurting you, it

isnt going to be for much longer and that soon when you get to ‘x’ you’ll slacken off

and live the life!!!

But think about it…how often do you genuinely feel relaxed without something on

your mind about work?

How many times do you ‘miss’ the day because it was literally consumed from 7am

til 8 or 9 pm?

And when that happens what sort of a mood are you in?

So this Christmas try stopping work NOW!

If you are self employed treat yourself!

Possibly visit people next week to make time for friendship and possibly treat

yourself to a lazy day or a day with some exercise and a sauna!!

One things for sure, life flies past and before you know it another 5 years has passed

and one day you hear of another friend becoming ill or dying andwe are reminded of

our own immortality…and so before its too late let’s celebrate out life and live it to

the full.

Give ourselves time to ‘smell the Roses’, give our families time to enjoy simple pleasures

and laughter together…and give the planet a rest from all of that carbon footprint


Tonight, this weekend, this coming week…step back a little and just live.

Slow down, see life for all it encompasses not just the income generation and may

you be blessed happy and fulfilled!

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