'From The Heart' Business Coaching Programme

Don’t struggle alone

If you are not getting all that you want from your business today this programme is for you.

If Modern Life Is Getting You Down It's Time For A Re-Think

It’s time for more enquiries…

Survival in business means we must make money. To do that a business must have new enquires and those enquiries need to be converted into profitable sales. Together we CAN and will improve enquiry quantity, enquiry quality, sales conversions and profit margins.

Business really does NOT have to be so hard!!!

When you are set up differently then business almost becomes ‘effortless’. Success can be yours – our process together looks holistically and re-tunes you and your business so that you feel better. When you feel better you produce better ! It’s not ‘difficult’ just ‘different’.

A way to enjoy…

Knowing that your business is almost ‘machine like’ and that it will keep turning and producing means that you will earn more and stress less. Let’s make your business work differently!

From The Heart Coaching - What's In It For You And How Does it Work?

How do you feel about you? About your whole of life? How does your employment or small business feel and when you have a moment to look in the mirror? Do you like what you see? And are you proud of who you are, what you feel that you have achieved?

Well in short, ‘From The Heart’ is a revolutionary new approach to living and working that will give you back a complete sense of satisfaction, happiness and contentment so that you life, business and relationships all improve.

It Doesn’t Matter About ‘Work’ – YOU Matter More!

Working for yourself or working for someone else or not working at all …it really doesn’t matter if you are not happy!

But when you put your wishes first…by starting with you, and concentrating on looking after you… everything else falls into place.

Thousands of people ‘have their own business’ and yet feel burdened and trapped and very often the ‘success’ that they planned just is not happening! The business they started almost becomes an unpleasant thought and something they almost wish they were rid of! This programme is absolutely the remedy.

‘From The Heart’ works for all of us, in all circumstances, because it is simply lovingly ‘you centric’.

Nothing Much Matters If You Haven’t Got Your Health!

‘From The Heart’ means living with love. Heart centric business direction of ‘doing what feels good’ in order to have a good business.  This is critical because ‘business health’ is almost always impacted by physical health… and physical health almost always is linked to emotional and mental health…. and stress at the business not working as you want it to is often a cause  of other issues when your business isn’t set up right!

‘From The Heart’ will help you improve your business which in turn improves your stress levels which in turn improves your health.

Your health IS in your control. Your small business IS in your control. Lovingly let’s address both not separate them and start to feel genuinely healthier and happier.

Money Matters – But It’s NOT All About Money!

It seems like everything is about money! Sadly ‘finances’ create fights, destroy friendships and indeed wealth gain is a driving force in our destroying of our planet!

Surely this cannot be good?!

However it doesn’t have to be this way. YOU are in control and even though it sometimes feels like you are ‘Powerless’ you are not. The ‘From The Heart’ programme is a revolutionary way to approach your whole life – work, relationships, consumerism… everything, in a way that restores some balance and is good for you and all you care for.

‘From The Heart’ is an approach that values money yes…. it is squarely aimed first at improving your small business i terms of customers and cash, but always done with a moral compass and a true sense of values. It is my belief that business success should never be at the expense of people, happiness, or health and our very ability to survive!

So what are the steps?

If you’re a growing business there are enough challenges ‘out-there’ without adding one by ‘doing it alone’! Every business benefits from learning, sharing, growing – let’s help share that journey.

Increase Sales Conversion

Do you currently convert every single enquiry into a paying customer? If the answer is No then immediately there is ‘money on the table’ that with adjustments we can earn from without working any harder!

Increased Profit Margin

They say “…cash is King” and unless there is ‘margin’ in every sale you quickly go broke! Sadly too often a business is almost doing the work to keep the bills paid and yet in truth not making any money! We will address this and you WILL enjoy greater profits.

Increase Enquiry Quality

Not all enquiries are equal! You know that…so what makes a better one ‘better’? Where do enquiries come from? What has been said to them or seen by them that changes the quality of their enquiry? I assure you there IS a process where you WILL enjoy a quality lead flow.

Improved Systems & Process

Most business owners are stressed! Often stress is caused by constantly making sure that nothing gets ‘missed’! It’s no good relying upon memory and you…creating a smooth information flow in a systemised business means you get to earn more and stress less.

Add Value For Future Exit

Lets be honest here – we are building a business (as opposed to simply doing a job) because we hope that one day it ‘pays off’. In other words we sell for a ‘lump sum’. But that doesn’t happen if it isn’t a business built the right way…so lets build it the right way now!

Raised Happiness & Enjoyment

There are good days and bad days but would you like more ‘good days’? Well, in truth, most ‘bad days’ are a combination of mistakes, cash pressure and mistake scenarios. By following our process of ‘adjustments’ you will eradicate those errors and enjoy everything more.

So what will you learn?

  • Bits about You
  • Bits about Business
  • Bits about What Really Matters

And the success that you will gain is the intelligent combination and the deliberate holistic merging of all components. It is not Black & White or Right & Wrong. It isn’t even about what you thought it was about much of the time. What truly matters I believe is Health, Happiness and Harmony.

I promise to work with you to systematically work on each area that doesn’t feel great right now until we reach a point where you honestly feel much, much better and are tangibly making progress on your ‘success journey’.

Some of what we will look at includes:

  • Understand your ‘triggers’ and learn to handle stressful situations differently
  • Discover behaviour patterns and see how they can be adjusted to serve you better
  • Learn how perceptions are reality and how we can mange the way people see us
  • Find out how we see the world and understand where we can tweak our beliefs
  • Look at how we feel about money and where that helps and hinders us in getting it!
  • Examine where our health and self image link together and impact our everyday
  • Find out how to interact with others differently to impact positively ALL areas of finance
  • Explore how love and relationships that have gone ‘stale’ can be ignited and fully restored
  • Discover how your health impacts your wealth and realise why sacrificing your health is costing you
  • Learn why business can be much more successful when you love more and push less
  • Understand that trying too hard is actually pushing away your success not helping you get it!


Ben has doubled our AOV in just 3 months. He has helped us to introduce other processes that give us much more visibility on what the business is spending, what the business is making and how we can reach our financial goals. At first I was skeptical, but Ben has restructured the way that we sell and who we sell to, to make sure that we’re making more money as a business. Finally, Ben has helped us achieve our record month in January 2022 which is staggering because the business has been going for nearly 8 years. Thank you for everything, Ben!

James Boyes

I went looking for a Business Coach to learn how run my company as I had expanded more than I had first anticipated and found myself at a loss being an IT geek and not a Business Manager. I recieved a phone call from Ben’s company and met with a consultant for a brief chat, from which I signed up to a course with Ben. I have to say that my expectations were exceeded and my horizons broadened more than I can say. 
Ben provides great training and superb 1st Class mentoring. I cannot recommend his services enough. 
All I can say is ThankYou Ben

Terry Charters

Ben has provided myself and other staff members with sales training to build confidence, knowledge and training to be the best sales people we can…. Ben is always very knowledgeable throughout both aspects of working with us, he has a real passion for helping …I would personally recommend him to anyone who is looking to develop their personal skills or their teams skills. He really leaves a lasting impact.

Alex Pike

Stop Ignoring The Inner Voice! If You Are Not Getting What You Really Want Do Not Push Ahead Blindly!

Call now in confidence. Let us discuss your challenges and your current situation and look at making your future brighter.

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