The Franchise Growth Accelerator

Franchisors the world over typically experience 2 constant headaches:

1. they want to grow their network and add new franchisees and sometimes struggle to get the right ones
2. they struggle to increase the performance of many amongst the network to actually do as trained to do!

The Franchise Development Accelerator is specifically designed to address these problems.

Are you as a Franchisor recruiting at the rate that you wish?
Are you as a Franchisor wishing to increase the performance of your franchised network?

The Franchise Growth Accelerator - working together to see a significant franchise business growth

Increase Your Network - Finally Recruit 'Better'

Selling More Franchises To ‘Better’ Franchisees

At first there is a pressure to just get going! And then there is a pressure to maintain recruitment momentum because you have now got more costs!

Building a Franchised network is not easy.

The Franchise Growth Accelerator is a programme where I help you refine the offer, recruit more suitable candidates and sell more of them. Ultimately we grow your network faster.

The Franchise Growth Accelerator can make growing your franchise business a lot easier!

Improving The Performance Of Your Franchised Network

Increased Sales By Using A ‘Different’ Selling Approach


Selling is not everyone’s ‘cup-of-tea’! In fact, if the truth is known almost all people feel ‘awkward’ with ‘selling’… and the result fo that is they avoid sales opportunity and then ‘convert’ customers with low margins and at lower rates.

Franchise Growth Accelerator provides a unique and ‘different’ sales support and training environment for your franchisee team.

The end result is twofold:

  • The performance increases so you make more money
  • Their complaints diminish because finally they are making more money!


If You Are Seriously Wanting To Grow Your Franchised Business This IS The Solution

  • Attract more suitable Franchisee candidates
  • Engage faster and enjoy a ‘hungrier’ franchisee
  • Convert at a better ratio thus saving a lot of ‘wasted’ time
  • Add ‘driven’ franchisees who are ‘easier’ to manage
  • Increase your profit margin because your network selling is ‘stronger’
  • Reduce complaints and management headaches amongst franchisees


and so much more.

The Franchise Growth Accelerator is customised and tailored to YOUR network’s needs – the end result is simply growth.


How many deals do you need to make it worth it? Just one probably!

Take action now and together let us reduce your stress as we increase your sales!

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