Executive Coaching

Being a leader in business is hugely challenging. Don't face the struggles alone - 1:1 Executive Coaching improves performance and reduces stress.

Personal 'Performance' Coaching - How You Can Increase Your Effectiveness AND Reduce Your Stress

Today’s business world is more demanding than ever! There are always ‘new’ rules relating to Human Resources and a ‘new’ world of employment and recruitment selection criteria…coupled with a ever-changing economy and constantly evolving technology…keeping up is hard enough let alone mastering it all and winning!


Having a professional ‘Personal Executive  Coach’ massively helps.

You have pressures from above with targets to hit and performance measurements at every turn.

You have pressures all around you with colleagues who might be stressed and a team that is stretched.

You have pressures ‘below’ you as you struggle to manage a team with varying motivational levels skill levels and experience levels.


Of course it is stressful!


So do not get stuck in ‘doing it all yourself’. Top performing athletes, tournament wining sports stars and the most elite individual performers have a coach…for a reason!



You Don’t Score ‘Points’ For ‘Burning Out’!

Yes it might seem like the expected way is ‘hero’ always pushing through alone despite the odds and winning… but heck thats only a movie script! In real life we break!!

Would your children or family be thankful if you literally ‘work yourself into the grave’?

Does being a ‘hero’ but being too stressed to actually enjoy life really sound appealing?!


So STOP taking it all on alone. Everything is better when shared!

Exhausted businesswoman having a headache in modern office. Mature creative woman working at office desk with spectacles on head feeling tired. Stressed casual business woman feeling eye pain while overworking on desktop computer.

Young female professional doesn’t agree with the opinion of her colleagues on a business meeting

Yes You Can ‘Manage’ But What If An Outside Idea Actually Helped?

Fact: we do not know everything!

Indeed the truth is no matter how long we have been in an industry or in a career role we cannot ever know all that there is to know about the vast array of ‘challenges’ that business throws at us today.

Are you an IT expert? A practiced ‘counsellor’ for troubled staff? A visionary strategic thinker? A calm and thoughtful leader who manages to hold their nerve no matter how the week is unfolding??

No single person covers all basis and so we all benefit from outside input. Ego is a trap and the best leaders in business have learned that rising above ego and allowing for input and advice always produces a better end result.

Executive Coaching is not an admitting that we aren’t good enough. On the contrary,  it is in fact an acknowledgement of just how we are stretching ourselves and growing as  a person.

You’re Always Giving Out – Let Someone Re-Charge You!

You are a Leader…You are strong confident and to be leaned on and relied upon…but that can be draining!

Who is there to ‘top you up’?

Who is giving you new ideas and fresh insights perhaps from an arena or background that you could never have known about?

Where do you go for inspiration, ideas and a clearer head?

The world’s elite have recognised that ‘bringing in experts’ is the smarter way to get to the top. Call upon a professional to feed you so that you are then better equipped to shine. A personal coaching service is always supremely confidential and private. It provides a ‘safe space’ to be open about your worries and fears and allows you to be nourished and given to for once!

You are only human stop trying to be ‘perfect’!

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How it works...

So how does ‘Executive Coaching’ work?

  • In confidence personal meetings
  • Structured and ‘agenda’ driven by you
  • Business AND Personal issues for optimum performance 

No Man (or Woman) is an island. We are not immune from situations in life impacting us or ‘knocking us for six’ sometimes. What matters most is how we are helped through these tough times. Your coach is not only your trusted ally but often becomes also a close friend.

As your coach my  mission is always to serve you in order to help you attain that which you truly want – a life that is healthy and happy… successful, and balanced.

Some of what we will look at might include:

  • Understanding your immediate challenge and the ‘background’ that lead to it
  • Discover what truly drives you and why you actually do what you do
  • Examining ‘patterns’ and uncovering what might have been less obvious but when illuminated helps clear the view
  • Looking at and learning about how private life impacts business life for you and maybe your team too
  • Tackling business choices with a rationale and experienced awareness of outcomes and designing a ‘better’ set of actions
  • Privately looking at how you feel about you and how this might be impacting your work and your decisions
  • Deliberately aiming for and strategically working towards success milestones

'Struggling on Alone' doesn't serve you. 'Challenges' do not suddenly disappear! 'Doing Nothing' is not a good choice...

Take action now. Call in complete confidence and let’s explore possibilities….

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